You work through the week to get to the much-anticipated weekend, but all too often it goes too quickly and you’ve not enjoyed it as much as you’d hoped. Here are five ways to make your weekends more useful and memorable.

Plan It Out

Without a plan, the weekend can become unstructured, and by the time you’ve finished debating what to do, it’s over. Some weekend activities may need more structured plans, but other weekends you can just sketch out a rough idea of what you’d like to do and leave a little room for spontaneity. This will help guarantee you make the most of your time.

Limit the Booze

A lot of us will enjoy the odd drink, but saving it all until Friday or Saturday night can end in one hell of a hangover that robs you of the next day. Consider limiting alcohol so that you have just enough to enjoy your time without having to spend the next day paying the price.

Make Room for Friends

Make the effort to get in touch with your friends and arrange to meet up. Once you get chatting, you’ll likely come up with new ideas and plans for that weekend and the next time you meet up too. Friends are also good for your health, with various research studies indicating friendships extend lifespan, help limit loneliness, and reduce stress and blood pressure.

Back to Nature

The great outdoors can be both calming and invigorating. Get a little fresh air and exercise by talking a walk, getting on your bike or grabbing your hiking boots. Take a stroll and people-watch, feed the ducks or take some Instagrammable photos of your local park. With park homes for sale Gloucester, such as, you can enjoy a quieter pace of life with less stress, so you can spend the weekends doing what really matters to you.

Prioritise Self-Care

With a list full of things you ‘should’ do and plenty of things you’d like to do, it can be easy to end up feeling frazzled by the weekend. Self-care is important for your mental and physical well-being, so pencil in time just for you to focus on rest and recuperation, whether that’s chilling out with a movie marathon, meditating or losing yourself in a good book.

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