Becoming a mom is a great and wonderful experience. The human body goes through amazing changes to prepare to carry an embryo growing to a fetus to the end results of a beautiful baby. Pregnancy causes the body to change quickly where your regular clothes will not fit comfortably anymore. Buttons and zippers no longer close and waistbands hurt. Each pregnancy is different, whereby women can experience the need to be fitted for maternity clothing anywhere between the first trimester to the second trimester.

Benefits of Maternity Clothing

When your body changes, then so will your wardrobe needs. Maternity clothing can be an expensive item which can easily cut into your budget in preparation for the arrival of the baby. But, maternity clothing is purposely designed to help a pregnant woman to keep her body healthy and comfortable while she is changing.

Fortunately, there is where moms-to-be can purchase awesome maternity fashions, especially pregnancy pants and clothing items for men, women, kids, baby and toys at prices that are up to 90% off. Pre-owned or slightly used maternity clothing is now becoming a popular shopping experience. Pregnancy is a nine-month changeable miracle, which means that you don’t want to spend a lot on a temporary wardrobe.

When a woman’s baby abdomen begins to grow, there is no reason why you can’t remain stylish in your fashion choices. Women have become very proud of their baby bump by even displaying them on magazine covers. Maternity clothing is available in many different patterns and coloring just like regular styles. Wearing maternity pants is often the most comfortable style of clothing and pregnant women look great in pants that have a flared leg which helps to balance their full figure.

Maternity Pants Are Healthy

Maternity pants do not carry any buttons or zippers. The front panel is an elastic and stretchable fabric to fit the hips, abdomen and thigh areas which are expanding due to added fluids. There are many moms who continue to wear their quality maternity pants right after giving birth. Wearing maternity pants rather than larger-sized jeans or pants is safer. Ob-Gyn physicians believe that if you continue to wear pants that are too tight you put yourself at risk for a condition called ‘meralgia paresthetica.’ This condition is the result of too much tension on the thigh nerve. Wearing tight pants puts pressure on the nerve and blood vessels which causes numbness, pain, yeast infection, and/or blood circulation discomfort.

Yes, before you were pregnant you looked fabulous in your tight jeans. But if you continue to restrict your body by wearing your old jeans for as long as you can, you could create nerve pain and abdomen discomfort like acid reflux or heartburn, which can make your pregnancy a very troublesome experience. However, the pregnancy pants and jeans that are designed today are fashionable and trendy for women to wear all the way up to their delivery date.

Shopping at

There is no need to search for pants for pregnancy wear, you have found the right website at is one of the largest online thrift store offering quality, high-end, brand named maternity clothing selling at nearly 95% off. This fun online maternity store not only offers affordable pants and other clothing for pregnant moms, they are also a consignment store. Swap accepts new and previously worn clothes and accessories. When your clothing item sells, the store rewards you with extra cash for your used clothing. They also offer a 100% refund on shipping items if you’re not satisfied and your refund will be a store credit. Mommies, after you have your bundle of joy, come back to Swap, and sell your maternity pants, tops, dresses and as your baby grows, their clothing, toys etc.

This popular online thrift and consignment clothing store offers all sized maternity pants (XS – 4X) that will flatter your changing shape without constricting you. You can choose from maternity jeans with expandable waistbands for comfort or choose a nice looking casual pant that you can slip into to go shopping or out to dinner if your feet aren’t too swollen. No matter what your personal style is, Swap has the maternity style pants that when paired with one of their roomy blouses will have people giving you compliments on your snazzy ‘preggie’ look.

The online Swap maternity pants includes slightly worn brands like Old Navy, Gap, My Lil Bump, Motherhood, Chaus, Pea in the Pod, Liz Lange, Jessica Simpson, Baby’s Nest, and hundreds more. Pants from these brands are available in varied styles, colors, and conditions, some which have tags on them having never been worn. The many different maternity pant brands feature stretchy, full panel styles for more coverage and support during all your trimesters. The different offerings in pants also involves cargos, twill, jeans, yoga pants, all of which looks great and styles that you can’t find anywhere else.


Modern day thrift and consignment stores, both online and in brick ‘n mortar have grown in popularity. They provide many assorted styles that you can try at very affordable prices. Thrift stores allow shoppers to take their time to look for clothing items that fit their style. The clothes are well laundered and are sold in large quantities on the rack and in lots of pages online. Of course, shopping thrift and consignment is an economical win-fall, especially for budget-minded individuals and families.

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