When many people receive marketing information through the post, their knee-jerk reaction is to put it in the bin. Due to the high volume of marketers competing for attention, it can seem almost natural to throw sales leaflets away without so much as a glance at them.

But, sometimes, people are discarding genuine offers and may be missing out on getting discounts on things that they actually need and use, or even getting things for free. Sheet label printing is best way of marketing as it create awareness among people about your product and services.

If you are part of a company that uses marketing materials, then you will want to make sure that your customers and potential customers look at the materials that they receive.

The trick is to send materials that they can’t possibly resist. For example, if you are targeting chocolate lovers, then you might consider sending chocolate-scented leaflets so the smell enters their noses as soon as the postman puts the letter through the post box.

Fliers Vs Cards

Most people are familiar with how fliers are ordinarily structured. They expect them to be full of company information, with a discount code at the bottom.These marketing-savvy individuals will often just turn the flier over, get the code and they might never look at the flier again. This does not mean that the flier has not worked because they will still use the code.

You will have attracted a customer that you wouldn’t have otherwise. As they will still come to you and use the code; so technically, it has worked even though they haven’t read up about the company.

Therefore, it might be better if you chose to send them a card instead. You could send them a birthday card, or a Christmas card, or even a ‘thank God it’s Friday’ card.

That way you are using less ink, so it costs less and you still have the same impact on the customer.

Hand Delivery

Sometimes, with marketing information, you will have a better impact if you deliver the materials to the customers yourself. This does not mean you should turn up at people’s houses!

Instead, you could stand outside your store and hand the fliers or materials out. You could shout out that the flier contains a discount code, but you should add that it is only redeemable for a restricted period of time.

People will take the flier and they will be more likely to enter the store to redeem the code, on the spot. Again, you should consider giving them a free gift, as well. Maybe you could give them a free pen branded with your logo and company name. You are more likely to make an impact if the customers feel like they are getting something from you as well.

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