Brides and grooms have a vast selection of wedding favours to hand out to their guests after their big celebration. From simple and practical to lavish and extravagant, it can be difficult when planning the table favours for wedding guests. To help you navigate your options, below are some considerations that every bride and groom should make when planning their favours.

Make the Wedding Favour Reflect You

The wedding favour that you choose should reflect the personality and interests of the bride and groom. Some examples of how you can do this include:

  • Offering a food item that both you and your soon-to-be spouse enjoy
  • Incorporating a favourite colour in the favour
  • Adding elements of certain activities that you enjoy (i.e. a guitar-shaped candy tin for music enthusiasts)

Match Your Theme

A lot of brides and grooms will have already chosen a theme that reflects their personality and their “couple style.” In these situations, it’s a great idea to choose favours that match the theme of your big day. If you are having a music-themed wedding, for example, handing out CDs with a selection of you and your loved one’s favourite songs is sure to be a hit (for those with a bit of a bigger budget, you can go all out and offer mini MP3 players). If you have a particular colour theme, set up a candy bar which features candies of those colours.

Go Local

More brides and grooms are choosing to celebrate their roots or where they are throwing the wedding by choosing locally inspired wedding favours to hand out to their guests. Consider what your region’s specialities may be. This may include a particular sweet treat, a craft beer or local wine. Some other options include:

  • For those throwing a beachside wedding, consider using flip flops, towels and umbrellas as wedding favours
  • For those choosing a wintry mountainside wedding, hand warmers, gloves and scarves are all appreciated and practical favours

Celebrate the Season

Another option for wedding favours is choosing those which will reflect the season the wedding is happening in.

  • For fall weddings, choosing rich, warm earth tone tins and boxes for candies and other items are a great option. Pumpkin flavoured teas and treats are a hit, as are nuts, seeds and candy apples.
  • For winter weddings, white, silvers, and icy blues are all popular colour options. Hot cocoa kits and warm blankets are common favour options
  • For spring weddings, pastel colours are a favourite. Seeds with growing instructions and potted plants are popular items for favours
  • For summer weddings, bold, bright colours are a great colour choice for favours. Choose from an array of beach-inspired items, or send guests home with a smoothie or frozen yogurt.

Other Wedding Favour Considerations

  • Working Double Duty: Wedding favours can have a “double” role, such as being a favour and an escort card, or a favour with the guest’s table number tucked inside.
  • Giving Back: A charitable donation made to a cause near and dear to the bride and groom’s heart given on behalf of the guest is a great way to give back to the community.

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