History of computers: In the late 90s, computers took the world by storm. In the beginning they were quite rare may be because they were quite heavy in weight and expensive. Moreover, they had a bundle of wires attached to it. But as the things progressed with nanotechnologies, the size of computers got reduced and with it the wires attached. The technology improved further and computer became more and more efficient. As result, today you cannot imagine your day without a computer. Whether you are a professional, student or an ordinary man, you will need a computer or laptop for your daily routine.

In the beginning, the computers had limited memory. This was a major problem. But as the time went by, the problem was solved by a more sophisticated hard drive. This new hard drive was small in size but had a bigger storage capacity. The computer which was highly efficient before became almost perfect. It offered great benefits. Now people could store their data easily.

How the data is lost: Then internet came into the game. Before the arrival of the internet, people would purchase different CD’s and DVD’sin order to get movies and songs etc. But as the internet became more and more common, people started to take advantage of the internet i.e; now they will download each and everything directly from the internet. But with this advantage, there was a disadvantage in the shape of viruses and malware. People will lose everything. All the data stored in their computers and laptop will be lost because of these viruses and malwares. As we know “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The solution to this problem was offered by a lot of free data recovery software. A lot of free data recovery software are now available that will help you recover all the deleted files from your computer. Files are recovered because often the files are still present in your hard drive after deletion. In the same way, there are software for memory card recovery.

Recovery of lost Data: The process is quite simple. It is often 3 step process. All you got to do is download a free data recovery software from the internet. Install the downloaded software. Run it. After running, you need to select the media files and the directory from where you want to recover your files. Then you need to run a scan. After you have run the scan it will detect all the recoverable files. After all this, the software will allow you to save the deleted files to the designated directory. This process is a general one. It may vary from software to software but basically is the same.

There are some paid software as well. They offer more efficiency. Efficiency in a way that they are able to recover those files as well which are not recoverable from free data recovery software. Moreover, in free data recovery software you may not be able to recover the files which are a bit large. Similarly, you can use such a competent software for memory card recovery if a free data recovery software fails to do the job.

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