Many people get their windows replaced or double glazed to improve the aesthetic appearance of their house. However, apart from simply improving the external appearance of your house, double glazed windows also offer greater functionality. A traditional window generally has a single sheet of glass within the window sash. This leaks air out of the room and does not provide proper insulation. However, double glazing refers to a window unit that is completely sealed with the help of two sheets of glass or any other material. There’s a spacer bar installed around the glass in order to separate the two panes.

The spacer bar generally creates a very minute air gap between the glass panes. This small air gap ends up creating an insulation break between the exterior and the interior of the window, thus preventing air from escaping. Generally, traditional windows are made from glass. However, aluminium windows have become a lot more popular nowadays. Aluminium is one of the lightest and strongest metals available. Not only are aluminium windows very easy to clean, but they are also very easy to maintain. They don’t get damaged easily, and they will last you a lifetime. Needless to say, aluminium windows are quite expensive.

Double Glazed Aluminium

In most cases, aluminium windows are generally installed in commercial factories and outlets. They are most commonly found in high-end facilities. However, many companies have now introduced double glazing aluminium windows for residential properties as well. High-end, double glazed aluminium windows can be constructed for larger rooms, such as the living room or lounge. You can choose from a whole host of different shapes, sizes, and designs. Furthermore, precision fabricated aluminium profiles can be created according to your preferences with the help of powder-coating. You can choose the design and colour of the windows.


Double glazed windows offer a whole host of different benefits. For starters, you will notice a considerable reduction in your energy bills after installing double glazed windows. Because they provide better insulation (they are usually airtight), your rooms will manage to retain up to 60% of the heat inside. Over a longer period, your energy bills will reduce by approximately 20% as a result of this.

Furthermore, a major reason why so many people prefer using double glazed windows is because they significantly reduce external noise. External noise can be a source of constant distraction in the house. Double glazed windows not only reduce sound but also prevent those cold draughts from coming into the house. This prevents cold zones from developing within the room. Cold zones generally form near the doors and windows.

Given the fact that many people are conscious about their safety, double glazed aluminium windows might be a great option. Double glazing makes it much harder for people to break into the house. Aluminium itself is a pretty sturdy metal, but having two panes makes it virtually impossible for anybody to break through. These are just some of the benefits of double glazed aluminium windows.

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