Computer virus is like flu which is designed to spread from one computer to other along with having the ability to replicate itself. These types of virus occur by attaching or inserting itself to a concerned documents or programs which fully supports macros for the execution for code. There are different ways where you can easily protect your computer from virus. Here are the steps which users can easily install a free anti-virus to any device including laptops, phones and tablets. This will go a long way in ensuring on how to protect your computer from viruses. 

 How to install free antivirus software to Windows and Pcs

There are many websites online which are providing free antivirus software for your Pc and laptop.

  • Users will have to go to any websites where they can easily download free version of anti-virus, by clicking the option of free download
  • After that user will see the notification in their concerned device after the installation completes.
  • Users will have to click the notification part in order to start up the installation process.
  • User will have to change the setting according to their notifications
  • After that user can scan their device in order to find out virus if exists any and for that anti-virus is running by itself from background.

How to install free antivirus software to tablet and android phone

  • Users will have to go to Google play store which is available in their tablet along in android phone
  • If users are using it for first time, then they have to agreeto with on the terms and conditions posed in front of them
  • For that user will have to create Google account in their device
  • In Google play store, users will come across with search icon which is indicated by magnifying glass. They have to click on it and write free anti-virus software and then click search icon to begin the search.
  • User will come across with many options and rating and they have to select the one according to their need and requirement.
  • For that they have to click install button
  • Once terms and conditions are accepted by the users, anti-virus functions start in your device
  • User can easily scan their phones or run anti-virus program whenever they feel so.

iPhone and iPods are safe in this aspect as they don’t have to install any kind of anti-virus to their device. It is important for the users that they should keep their iOS device up to date. Users will also come across with many updates at free of cost in iOS device which will help the users in sorting out the problem of anti-virus. For more details users will have to call on toll free number.

At all point of time, make it a point that you are connected to the network. Ideally you should go on to the start menu and then select the program options. From this point of time a sub menu appears and if there is a provision of life update then go on to click it.

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