Many fitness freaks and exhausted individuals love to spend time in the suana room  to relax and get into the mood after rigorous trials at gym. Though these luxury fixtures have become popular in Europe, they have started to get famous in the U.S as well, as a number of people visit suana rooms on daily basis.  

However, people are still not quite knowledgeable in terms of its usage. Despite the availability of the best possible instructions, suana users still end up making expensive or risky operational and maintenance mistakes when it comes to operating these fixtures for years. Here are few things to take into considerations.

Keep it Clean for Proper Sanitation:

To keep sauna rooms in relaxing condition, all you need to do is to make sure that the floor has been tightly sealed and particular wood preservative has been applied to selective parts including floor, benches, and door handles. A thorough wash of the floor is must to maintain its sanitation under normal temperture condition.  Use a mild liquid cleaner in a mix with water to remove any buildup and sweat stains from the wood in order to keep the suana benches clean.

According to experts, a suana room should be thoroughly cleaned once in a week. Attention should be given to areas under the benches where perspiration may accumulate fast. If your suana has wood gloss finish, then refrain from using harsh cleaning products on the wood as ammonia and other harmful chemicals also may be present to damage its color. It is often recommended to use double layered clothes on the benches to sit on and wash them time and again in order to preserve your suana room’s cleanliness.

Care and Maintain Suana Heater Too:

It is important to take proper care of the rocks and sauna heater to make your sauna room functional, otherwise it may give rise to safety concerns. Remember, no liquid other water should be used to clean its rocks. In doing so, it could have damaging effect on the heating element below. Further, it can lead to a fire hazard as well. So, it would be great to keep a bucket full of water along with a dipper in sauna to continue water supply all the time for use.

Sprinkle water on the sauna rocks, and use a mild cleaner regularly to wipe the outer shell of the suana heater. The broken rocks should be removed to keep the debris from accumulating and ending in damaging the heater. Refrain from packing the broken rocks in too close and too tight as the airflow might decrease, causing the emergency shutoff to turn on.

Take Safety Measures:

Safety is the biggest priority when it comes to maintaining your sauna rooms. If proper safety measures are not taken, the sauna room might cause security risks. The advanced sauna rooms come up with emergency shutoff devices to help the heater turn off in case the temperature exceeds the upper limit. Hence, regular inspection is mandatory to make sure that they are operational. If required, keep them somewhere where the users can’t reach. Thus it would prevent the system from being tampered with or immobilized.

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