If your interest is to know how to repair cracks in the concrete ceiling that means you did not arrive here by simple chance but by authentic “suffering”.

This suffering will have to do with situations like these, Filtration in concrete slabs, leaks condensation on the ceiling, mold or mildew stains, moisture on the ceiling or any other collection of symptoms that will surely have you in crisis. The problems of water leaks in roofs are multiple and will depend on the nature of the roof in question.

What is your problem?

If your particular problem involves the waterproofing of slab roofs, you may have to follow some guidelines to waterproof the roof. But, here you must know another important part. This is indeed not a DIY project. It is your roof – the head of your house. Do you want to take any risk with it? Do you know how to start and how to end? Which materials to need?

Surely, you may know some of the basic skills, but you do not know A-Z of roof repairing or service.  In this point, consulting with the professional roofing Ealing  is the smartest choice.

Problems with slabs

It does not seem a coincidence that roof leaks have to do so often with concrete slabs. And indeed, it is NOT a coincidence. Unlike sheet metal (zinc) or roof tile roofs, this type of concrete roof is very prone to cause construction problems that end up generating leaks and moisture stains, always difficult to solve.

Concrete roofs: causes that produce moisture leaks

To remove moisture stains on the ceiling of an environment, you have to start with “up”. It is impossible to pretend to know how to cover leaks if we imagine that you can solve the humidity problem from “below”. The leaks of water that reached the ceiling necessarily began with cracks, fissures in the roof.

Unlike the sloping roofs here, gravity does not work in your favor so the water runs out fast and does not park. One of the classics of moisture problems in ceilings originate in cement slabs. That’s why it’s from there where you’ll have to start.

Cement or concrete slab earrings

Due to its position, which is usually horizontal, concrete roofs or roofs do not have a good runoff surface for rainwater. They are designed so that they look “flat”. If for those things of bad execution, the minimum slopes with which they tend to project and build are not enough, the water tends to float causing filtration problems.

Repairing your concrete roof, needs proper attention. Why? Because, if it is not done with proper care, it may worsen the problem much more – cracks, damp and moisture.

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