Businesses online and striving to make their presence felt on the Internet. Both small to large sized businesses are facing tough competition. Survival online depends on how well planned you are when it comes to social media strategies online. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms for advertising and marketing your business.  Gone are the days when mere hard work was needed for you to make your presence felt in the online market. Today, the smarter you will determine your levels of success on the Internet. It is here that you need to be prepared with strategies that not only bring you consistent online traffic but also help you to bring in returns on investment for your business as well!

The importance of social media strategy and planning

To generate a consistent flow of inbound traffic to your business brand, it is prudent to resort to social media platforms and strategies for success. The popular social media platforms online are Twitter and Facebook that are mostly used for marketing businesses of all sizes and types. However, after the advent of Instagram as a visual social media platform, the scenario has changed and businesses are now embracing this platform to reach out to the targeted customers successfully. The results have been encouraging, and companies have reported a surge in inbound traffic and profits for their businesses too. Their Instagram followers have increased, and this is a boost to the business.

Combine email marketing and Instagram

Email marketing is a popular way to generate leads for your business however when you team it up with Instagram you get a consistent inflow of traffic that will lead to sales conversions. Regular posts on Instagram either done manually or via automation software have been successful for most businesses. They have added the Instagram button to the signature of their emails to the targeted audience so that when they read the marketing mail, they instantly get access to the Instagram Page where product images and videos are displayed. The potential customer is happy when they get direct links to the product page. The Instagram Page should be updated with recent posts and relevant content so that your customer gets a clear idea of what you offer and how to go about it.

Establish your social media presence

The presence of Instagram in your marketing emails also help you to establish your web presence in the market. If you are a new business, you can connect with the targeted audience faster with marketing emails that have a social media presence. Social media presence also invokes credibility and trust online. Customers are likely to take a call to action when they find the company is a genuine one.

Therefore, if you are looking for a win-win situation for your business brand in the fiercely competitive online market, add Instagram to your marketing emails. This will help you generate a constant inflow of targeted customers who are looking for products in your business niche online. Ensure that the subject line of your emails are attractive so that your audience opens it and reads the content inside!

Author Bio: Glen Thomas is a social media expert and manager with a top digital marketing company in the USA. He helps clients with social media marketing strategies to increase Instagram followers and sales.

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