During the summer of 2013, three out of every four states have reported severe wildfires, costing homes and businesses vast amounts in repairs and replacements.However, recent studies show that those homes and businesses who invest in metal roofing could save themselves the heartache of loss of life and property.

This evidence is supported by the Senators and leaders of many of the more at-risk areas who are calling for Frisco commercial metal roofing and other preventative measures to be legal requirements.

The measures were discussed in the LA Times when Lew Sichelman reported “One-third of all houses are located in what fire safety officials call Wildland Urban Interface districts, which are near or among areas prone to wildfires…with more and more people choosing to live in rural areas closer to nature, the chances are greater than ever that someone you know — maybe even you — will lose a house to a fire.”

Whilst, Dean Thomas, founder and CEO of Absolute Steel confirmed that his company had seen demand for metal roofing increase significantly since the 2012 wildfire season “More and more home owners are looking for a safe, affordable way to increase their home’s wildfire resistance, and fire resistant metal roofing offers the perfect solution. Whether for a new home or existing roof upgrade a metal roof can easily enhance the look of a home while offering significant fire protection.”

It is thought that the measures, if brought in could save homes and businesses significant losses in the event of another bad summer of fires.

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