Most buyers and sellers have some kind of fear in dealing with a real estate agent. Some of the real estate agents are reputable and maintain confidentiality with their clients, but on the other hand, there is no shortage of dishonest agents who are just trying to make money at someone else’s expense. It’s the responsibility of a buyer as well a seller to choose an estate agent carefully.

The realtor acts as a mediator between the buyer and the seller. For the services rendered, he is offered a payment from his client. The agent is responsible for exhibiting the details of a property in the various listing services. In case of a residential property, an agent may begin by putting up the details of the property on a realtor firm’s website. After that, he would be marketing the property through advertisements in different magazines.

For the marketing activities, the agent does not charge the client anything.  When working on behalf of the seller, a real estate agent is responsible for searching through the property listings of an area and as per the client’s interest. An agent from the buyer’s side facilitates to bargain the best deal for his client all the way through the purchasing process. He has to evaluate the property by approaching a professional. Some real estate agents may also offer assistance for procuring home loans.

A real estate agent can act as the best negotiator on behalf of the seller as well as the buyer. When you are to purchase a house, it would be best to hire the services of a reputed agent. The same holds true when you are going to sell a home.

The estate agents in Holloway working on behalf of the seller will have their faithfulness towards their clients. They will endeavor to convince the seller to give his client the best possible and lowest deal. The agents who work on behalf of the seller will try to get their customers the best possible deal. On the other hand, a dual agent is compelled to keep the true picture in front of both the parties. He gets a commission from both the parties involved in the transaction.

There are some real estate agents who also maintain a list of buyers as well as sellers. The real estate agents indulge in the marketing of properties, but it’s not unusual for them to play up their records. You can find some agents who resort to lying about their achievements. In this situation, make sure that you verify all the claims made by them. Don’t get fooled by what they are saying, just check all their credentials. Do not dither to ask for references. If the estate agents in Holloway have not mentioned their experience in the site, ask them about the same. Always make sure to inquire about the list of properties sold or purchased by them in the local area. You can even ask your friends about the best estate agents in Holloway.

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