It is really about making use of what you have. We don’t know about home made things much, but let’s always save the plastic grocery bags from the store. We use them for small garbage can liners and anytime we  need to bag up something. Lately, We have  discovered that they are perfect to throw stinky diapers in before tossing it outside. Just used to use a diaper pail but man, the reek of week old diapers about knocks me out when we  have to open the lid to change the bag.

  • Handy Home Storage bags and boxes, we have  been using saved up plastic grocery bags to get rid of  our daily  diapers more frequently. It  really started getting really annoying sometimes having to go to the kitchen where we keep our  bags just to get one every time  needed one for a diaper, though. It couldn’t just keep a stack of them in the room. May be sometimes, but it would be really ugly to have this massive stack on the changing table so it  can  be decided to make a cute holder for them.
  • When Growing up using Handy Home Storage bags and boxes, we  always had this fabric bag in our pantry that we  could stuff all  plastic bags in and just pull one out one  at a time when needed one. It’s a great way to make something ordinary look pretty also  brighten your the pantry  or room.
  • This is really so easy to make. We are  not a seamstress by any means so don’t  we think it is too hard to try.We didn’t even have a pattern for this. We  just got our  mom’s out and just used it as a template.

All  Handy Home Storage bags and boxes, one of these designs are long and tube-shaped, some are really pretty similar but included them for inspiration, fabric choices, method of finishing.

  • Dish Towel: Really Super easy to whip up using a dish towel, it features a drawstring top and bottom.
  • Made with decorator weight fabric also longer than most, cute ribbon and  bow embellishment, elastic top as well as  bottom and hangs by a fabric strap always .
  • Scrappy: Made with coordinating fabric scraps, it features a fabric strap for hanging also  an elastic bottom.
  •  Fabric Dispenser: It is Quilted patchwork, casing on top and bottom for elastic closure also  an elastic loop at top for our purpose.
  • Drawstring: The top is always  folded over and hangs by a loop of ribbon,also  bottom is drawstring style.
  • Fabric: Made with some 9 strips of fabric, just one if you prefer solid, has elastic closure top and bottom with coordinating for hanging.
  • Hanging Shirt: This is really  neat one, made from a discarded woven shirt also  hangs from a back loop (like neck open, the bottom of shirt sewn ).
  • Elastic closure at top even  bottom and features a nice & wide contrast edge, also ribbon loop to hang.


Top section is always open even  hangs by a fabric strap, like bottom has elastic closure. Along with Loop For Hanging, a little smaller in size with an open top, also fabric loop for hanging and elastic bottom.

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