Temperature Controlled Logistics

The post-industrialized societies are characterised by speed, mobility, safety, and innumerable goods and services. A large number of manufacturing houses produce a wide range of diverse products, and all this cargo has to be transported without comprising safety, health, and industrial guidelines. KuehlSpeed International is a professional grade transporter of various foods, medicines, hazardous materials, and other such perishable items. The temperature controlled logistics are enforced by the company through well trained staff and refrigerated fleet of vehicles like vans and trucks.

Transporting large and small size goods requires careful and calibrated temperature controlled measures. The professional staff depends on modern and automated devices, and delivers the cargo during day or night. The courier services are customized to satisfy the specific requirements of different types of materials. The industrial safety guidelines have to be strictly followed to avoid health and accidental hazards to environment, people or products. Refrigerated transportation is not only essential, but also a vital component in urban development, social progress and business profitability.

Safety Measures And High Standards

The modern logistical facilitators, such as Kuehlspeed International, carry out time bound deliveries to ensure freshness of the cargo. In addition, They carry out overnight courier services to supply the goods at the destination point during pre-determined day time hours. Other tools and techniques that guaranteed reliable and accident free deliveries include –

  • The refrigerated compartments have multiple temperature controls that range between -25 to +25.
  • The various heat related options include frozen, heated, fresh, and controlled environments.
  • The fleet is fitted with GPS to facilitate live tracking and temperature observations.
  • Electronic features and facilities include portable on demand storage, alerts, and environmental protection measures.
  • Highly trained manpower that has complete knowledge of food, medical items, and other hazardous cargo.

Monitored Pharmaceutical Deliveries

Pharmaceutical cargo comprises of highly sensitive and expensive drugs, medicines, solutions, and chemicals. The storage and distribution cycle of these necessary products can make or break the health industry. The modern transport and courier services like Kuehlspeed International do not make compromises while dealing with toxic and time bound supplies. They implement various temperature control measures to perfection as human lives are at stake, and any sort of decomposition or damage is not acceptable.

The most important steps that regulate the safe storage and supply of life-saving pharmaceutical drugs include –

  • The storage, loading, transport, and unloading staff are sensitized to relevant factors such as temperature control, humidity, and weather patterns.
  • The shipments are stored as per the official guidelines related to medicines.
  • The storage locations or warehouses are kept clean and regularly monitored to avoid excess stocks.
  • The temperature control is supervised at warehouses, coolers or refrigerants, and also in the trailers.
  • Emergency plans are kept in place to tackle unexpected accidents, personnel failure, equipment damage, and inclement weather.
  • The parcels and pallets are subjected to quality tests and temperature fluctuations are also constantly monitored.

Kuehlspeed International is synonymous with temperature controlled logistics, and their warehouses and fleet are of excellent quality. Food, medicines, and hazardous cargo are stored, maintained, and transported by well trained staff who use GPS enabled trucks. The deliveries are electronically supervised to avoid damages, and contingency plans are designed and implemented at all levels including the warehouse, freezer units, and trailers.

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