Many visitors to Tadoba Tiger Reserve arrive with very high expectations that are often dashed when they realize that the park is spread over a mammoth 500+ sq. km. and that they can access it by as many as 12 gates. If you are first time visitor to Tadoba, it can be pretty confusing to deal with a large number of options and procedures and your holiday can turn out less than pleasant. Some practical tips on maximizing your enjoyment at Tadoba:

Deciding the Time of the Safari

Most people try and decide the visit dates based on the availability of accommodation and train or flight bookings. However, do keep in mind that the extent of wildlife that you can hope to see depends a lot on the season. The winter tends to be more comfortable for spending extended periods out in the jungle waiting patiently for the animals to come out, although animal spotting is generally easier in summer with the vegetation drying up and giving them less cover to hide in. There is also more traffic near the watering holes during summer for obvious reasons. Though Tadoba is one of the few National Parks that is open during the monsoon, getting out and around can become quite tricky as well as restricted so this is not suggested for inexperienced visitors.

Getting the Safari Booking Right

To what extent you will enjoy your safari depends on a lot on the gate that you choose to explore Tadoba. Considering that there are 12 gates, you need to choose the right gate not only for increasing the chances of animal sightings but also to make it practical for you to manage the logistics. There are two safaris daily; depending on the season the entry in the morning is 6or 6:30 am and in the afternoon, 2:30/3:00 pm. So if you haven’t booked a room in any of Tadoba National Park resorts near the chosen gate it will be impossible for you to make both the visits. The best way of choosing the gate is to see reports of latest sightings and also past statistics but you should resist the temptation to book safaris at more than one gate as the gates are separated by large distances and it can become very difficult, time-consuming, and expensive getting to the gate from the accommodation.

Booking the Accommodation

It is important to plan the trip well in advance so that you get the best chance of booking resorts or hotels at the chosen gate that is within your budget. Remember that the accommodation near your gate can be quite limited and you really have to be an early bird to get the room of your choice.

While packages with most private resorts include breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner, do verify it when you book. The government-run accommodation does not include it in the package and you can expect to pay around Rs.700 extra per person at the attached canteens. Remember Chandrapur is a dry district so no liquor is available. The park remains closed on Tuesdays.


If you are planning a trip to Tadoba Tiger Reserve, you should take care to conduct a little research or consult your trusted tour operator for advice that will make your trip truly enjoyable and productive. Picking the right season and the gate are crucial to experience the large variety of flora and fauna that Tadoba has to offer.

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