The Importance Of Morale In The Workplace And How Motivating Your Employees May Be Easier Than You Think

One of the most important things in any place of work will be high employee morale. You can have the best team in the world and the most attractive offices, but if your staff are not galvanised to do the best possible job, it will all be for nothing.

Whilst it may seem like the fear of losing one’s job will be all the motivation an employee is likely to need, there is still a huge gulf between coasting by and actively trying to do the best job possible, and if employees do not care about their work, they simply will not stretch themselves to succeed.

There will be many ways to motivate your workforce, and whilst offering staff outings to bond your team and rewards to those who exceed in their roles will both be great ways of increasing motivation, simply offering the right working environment may actually make the biggest difference.

From the furniture you offer to how conducive the atmosphere is to comfort and inspiration, there will be many things that will affect how your workplace feels, and in turn many different changes that can be made to boost productivity and efficiency.

Furniture may not seem to be the most important part of the office, but it in reality it has a significant impact on two very important aspects of your employees’ working lives: physical comfort and the layout of your workplace.


Not only will the furniture you choose need to be practical, but it will also need to be comfortable and allow your workforce to carry out their jobs in the most effective manner possible. If your employees are constantly trying to get comfortable then their minds will not be on the tasks at hand, whilst an inability to easily use laptops, tablets or other integral work-related items will also see productivity fall.

Furthermore, the wrong furniture could actually lead to injuries being sustained and work being missed as a result. Over 11 and a half million days are lost each year due to work-related musculoskeletal disorders, leading to a great amount of disruption and lost productivity for businesses, whilst seriously affecting morale at the very same time. In turn investing in the right furniture will ensure that not only are your employees in the right place to best work with others or alone as each job may dictate, but also that individuals are less likely to be physically and mentally affected by their work.

Before buying new furniture, consult your staff to see what concerns them most about comfort and what changes they would like to see. It is also wise to draw out a plan of your office to find an arrangement that can both maximise space and improve collaboration.


By giving your staff a well-arranged and comfortable space you will be well on your way to dramatically increasing morale. From here, it will be all about supporting your staff and helping them achieve their potential. The more people see that their skills are improving and the more valued they in turn feel, the more likely they are to push themselves harder. After all, deep down, we all want to please those around us, and getting the right level of positive feedback and support will make a huge difference.

About the Author – Adam Howes is a freelance writer and blogger. He regularly contributes articles to furniture sites, using websites such as Furniture At Work to stay up to date with all the latest industry news and developments.

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