Like walls, ceiling and other structures at any place, floors also require damp proofing. It is because floors are the base of any building and at the same time it is also true that repair or replacement of floors is quite difficult. There are different types of floors. Out of these concrete floors are at high risk to suffer from dampness. It is due to highly porous nature of the concrete which is used in the construction of such floors.

Porous nature of concrete allows water and moisture to seep through it and cause damage to the floors and the entire building. It is especially true for concrete floors that are place below ground level or where there is improper drainage system. But there is no need to worry as professionals operating in the concerned field such as damp proofing Surrey help in protecting concrete floors against dampness. It is done by damp proofing these floors. Here are some tips to do so.

Dehumidify the area– Before starting with the process of damp proofing any concrete floor, you need to first dehumidify it by installing a dehumidifier in the enclosed area. It helps in removal of as much moisture and water content as possible so that the concerned area may be completely damp proofed. It ensures that no damage is caused to the floor and in turn the relevant building due to presence of moisture content even after damp proofing the same.

Sealing of cracks and holes- Once all the moisture content has been removed with the help of dehumidifier, you need to seal or fill all the cracks and holes in the floor as well as along the wall joints using some high quality and durable sealing material. At the same time, make sure that the air coming from outside doesn’t pass into the enclosed space. It can be done by placing a foam sealant in the wall openings. This action helps in making sure that there is no moisture in the wall openings or inside them due to temperature variations caused by passage of environmental air into the walls.

Damp proofing the concrete floors– After doing all this, you may start with the process of damp proofing the concrete floors. For this, you may use some sealer such as epoxy two-part sealer. All the instructions to apply sealer to the floors are given along with it. Follow the same or even consider taking help from professionals. Epoxy sealer is quite durable and remains adhered to the floor. In simple words, it offers permanent solution as far as damp proofing of concrete floors is concerned.

Proper drainage system– It is also an important step as far as damp proofing of concrete floors is concerned. You must ensure that there is proper drainage system in and around your property so that water may be drained out via it. Also make sure that the roof space also has proper drainage system as it may also cause water to flow to the floors and then seep through them.

Following these simple tips or steps, you can perfectly damp proof concrete floors at your place.

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