San Francisco is described as everyone’s favourite city. It’s located at peninsula tip between the Pacific Coast and San Francisco Bay. It’s a compact city of steep rolling hills that’s surrounded on its three sides by water. It’s famous for summer fogs, cable cars, beautiful vistas and Victorian architecture. 

Top 5 tourist attractions in San Francisco

 Golden Gate Bridge 

 This is a suspension bridge that spans the Golden Gate. It’s the strait between San Francisco, and Marin County to the north. It took seven years to build. It was the longest suspension bridge in the world upon its completion. It has become internationally renowned symbol of both San Francisco and California. Its famous red-orange colour was particularly chosen to make it more visible through the thick fog frequently surrounding it.

 Golden Gate Park 

 Golden Gate Park, once an area full of sand dunes is a big urban park with bison museums, windmills carousel among other several of its attractions. Standing on 1,017 acres, it’s around 20 percent bigger that Central Park in New York. Therefore, unless you are having a bike, you will have to plan the locations you need to visit. One popular attraction is Japanese Tea Garden with attractive plants, bridges, ponds and Japanese-style structures that include the tea house.


Once called The Rock, this small island of Alcatraz served as military fortification, lighthouse and as a prison. Additionally, it was home to among the most notorious criminals of that time, including Machine Gun Kelly and Al Capone. Alcatraz, surrounded by San Francisco Bay’s freezing water, was believed to be inescapable. Well, the most serious attempt was carried out by brothers Clarence and John Anglin and Frank Morris employing an inflatable raft designed from many stolen raincoats. Presently, it’s a famous historic site and San Francisco tourist attraction.

Fisherman’s Wharf 

Among the most popular tourist attractions found in San Francisco, and even in the US, is the Fisherman Wharf. It runs all the distance from Pier 39 to Municipal Pier which is at the end of the Aquatic Park. For many years, its historic waterfront was the center of the city’s fishing fleet. It’s still famous for having among the best seafood restaurants found in the city. Other attractions found here include souvenir stores, historical buildings, scenic vistas and museums.

The Alamo Square

 This is a park and a residential neighbourhood which is famous for Painted Ladies row of some Victorian houses on its east side, along Steiner Street. Often, it’s the subject of several San Francisco postcards. Additionally, there are other attractive Victorians encircling the attractive park. This park includes a tennis court and playground, and is normally frequented by neighbours.

On a clear day the tops of Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge, as well as Transamerica Pyramid building may be seen from the center of the park.


The above as some top 5 tourist attraction found in San Francisco. This city has so much to offer for tourists and travellers alike. There are also so many things you can see while you are there. Thus, it’s an ideal place you can spend your holiday. When you want to go to USA for some period of time, and you would like to visit this city, you should apply for your ESTA visa when you are eligible and you will have a great holiday to remember.

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