When hiring a haulage company, some people might think that the item that they want to move is not suitable for the haulage company to move and they will be surprised when the haulage company has no problem with the job.

This is because it is very rare when a haulage company finds that there is something that they don’t have the equipment to move. Haulage companies are very experience in what they do and you won’t shock them, no matter what you want them to move.


Haulage companies can move machinery of all sizes. They will use a specialist lorry with a crane attached to it, so that they can get the machine on and off the lorry. The crane on the lorry can move items that weigh up to 100 tonnes and they are equipped with jacks and lifting gear, so the lorry is fully equipped to move anything that you want them to move.

A good haulage company will send a site surveyor to your premises prior to the job so that they can see if there are any obstacles that might need to be moved out of the way. If they have restricted access to the site of the machine, they will need to take further action to make sure that they can move the machine safely. This procedure is called risk assessment and it is part of the haulage company’s project management process.


Most haulage companies will have a department called ‘Specials.’ This is where they organise delivery of items that might be considered to be not the norm.

Some items that are listed under this blanket title are:

  •      Cars
  •      Helicopters
  •      Pieces of Art
  •      Aeroplanes
  •      Large Sculptures

Haulage companies are able to move these items because they will have different types of lorries and different specialists within each team to make sure that the items are safely secured on the lorry before departure.

To give you some peace of mind about your item, the best haulage company will have an insurance policy that covers damage of a specialist item during transportation. So, on in the unlikely case that your item is damaged, you will be able to make a claim.

Cabins and Containers

If you need a cabin or container moved to a different location, like building companies usually do, then a haulage company will be able to take care of that for you.

They will have lorries that can cater for the different size of container and each lorry will have a crane to lift the specified container. Due to the size of containers, it is usually required that the transport lorry be accompanied by a police escort to make sure the path is clear for them and no one gets hurt.

The best haulage company will organise the police escort for you. Some companies even have their own police approved vehicles so that they can provide their own escort.

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