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Who Needs Drug Rehab? What Are The Steps To Recovery?

Knowing that drugs and alcohol have adverse effects on human health, some people still cannot quit. Not only health but they also have a huge impact on your social, financial and family life. This is the first signs of addiction which means that you need a counseling session with the best rehab center

A drug rehab center in US can be an independent facility or a part of a hospital. Both have the potential to offer intensive addiction treatment. There is a whole team which includes, counselors, psychologists, doctors, nurses, therapists etc. who help you reduce, stop and recover from drug and/or alcohol addiction. They help you get on the right track in life for better future. It takes 3 to 6 months to completely eliminate the name tag of an addict from your life. 

What steps are taken to recover completely?

There are various factors that decide whether are drug rehab center is suitable for you or not. Every facility has different features, amenities and treatment programs. However, some features of every drug are same. Here’s a list of those universal features. 

  • Counseling and assessment

There’s a team of counselors, psychologists and doctors who evaluate your current position on the basis of history. It’s really important that a patient is completely understood and then a suitable program is chosen. He might have other strong reasons for an addiction like depression that need even more intensive care. 

  • Detox

The team of the rehab center makes sure that you don’t go into withdrawal. Withdrawal means feeling distressed, nauseated or in pain due to sudden cut in alcohol/drug consumption. For this, they have a detox therapy, which means that you use some prescription drugs to assist your body in adjusting to the new physical scenario. 

  • Aftercare program

Just after the detox ends and you have completed your time period in the rehab center, the program makes sure that you sustain the same habits for a Lifetime. The plan for recovery is always long-term rather than just focusing on 3 or 6 months. It might require you to visit the center frequently. Doctors use medication and mental health therapies to implement an aftercare program. 

  • Different types of therapies

Like one size doesn’t fit everyone, a single program in a rehab center is never equally effective for every patient. Physical, emotional, mental, and social needs for everyone are different. It’s just after you talk to a counselor about your addiction, he will choose the most suitable program. The different options are an individual, family, peer, group therapy, or a combination. 

Who needs drug rehab centers?

There are initial signs that you have become an addict. These signs are as follows. 

  • Getting into withdrawal after trying to quit.
  • High tolerance for certain doses of drugs and/or alcohol. High tolerance means having no effect even after high consumption (More than what an average person of your age can take).
  • Always finding reasons to consume drugs or alcohol. 
  • There are issues in your family, financial, social, work conditions that you can’t revert back to. 

These 4 are the most common signs we have come across in any drug addict. People who recognize any of these symptoms must straight away talk it out. A family or group therapy can foster the initiation of healing just when you’re first counseling session starts. 

Even if you can prove your communication with your peers, your family or the support group you heal in, you start to lose that pull towards drugs and alcohol. Remember, a rehab center is the first step towards addiction treatment. It might sound difficult but is truly effective. Any individual needs supervision to learn management of daily stress and avoid paths that lead to destruction.

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