Whiteboard videos are generally utilized for satisfying distinctive ways of communication purposes. Various researches demonstrates that whiteboard videos significantly enhance learning in schools and universities. They connect with, instruct and engage at the same time. But, is it really so? Before you land on to that question it is crucial to first understand see how individuals attempt to get a handle on a complex concept while learning it and what tools are best in helping them understand learning procedure in a compelling manner.

Most new ideas are expansions or varieties of existing ideas. When taking in an unpredictable idea surprisingly, we have a tendency to make mental relationship of it with the ideas that we have known since long. This inclination of co-relating existing ideas with the one being found out, encourages us retain and unite the new data into our recollections, in a quicker and better way.

What are the tools that best help with clarifying a complex concept?

First is the visual representation. Understanding an unpredictable idea regularly obliges us to hold different thoughts as a primary concern. Visual representations through charts/diagrams/pictures help with doing precisely that. Keep in mind how you were taught about “resistance” in your science classes? Despite everything we spoke to “resistance” by a wavy line that planned to designate ‘interference’. Isn’t that right? Utilizing a visual portrayal strategy, an intricate idea could be broken into a reasonable portrayal, which makes it considerably less demanding to relate and review.

Second is analogy.Analogy is a compelling instrument particularly used while disclosing a mind boggling idea to an amateur (or a layman). Utilizing correlation, a mind boggling idea could be clarified in a short and exact way. Whiteboard animations are one such way to impart easy learning through visual representation. If you want to know more about it or may be hire experts who can make compelling animation videos for you, get in touch with Spiel, an animation and short-videos based out of London.

Whiteboard animation gives the chance to work for your potential audience or students in a class group. A dynamic visual portrayal is a more effective specialized tool than a static visual portrayal (still charts/pictures). Since every one of us are accustomed to watching videos on the TV and in internet, with incredible ability and aggregate contribution. Watching videos is also entertaining, thus, breaks the monotony of reading through long articles and chapters.

What’s more canny a reality is, since any representation could be storyboarded and energized into a lovely Whiteboard Video, it gives you the chance to manufacture consummate comprehension of your perplexing idea by utilizing related ideas, officially existing in the psyches of your watchers. Essentially, you could utilize the watcher’s propensity of co-relating old and new thoughts, to the best of your leverage, by showing thoughts that could best identify with and be utilized for clarifying your intricate thought. Basically, you could serve the watchers with the nearest and most proper perception that could enable them to comprehend your idea speedier and better.

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