Insurance is a concept that gives full support, both financially and mentally to people at times of perils. Everybody knows that human life is full of if’s and but’s. In order to tide over any juncture, arising out of an unexpected turn of events, insurance is the only way because you get help at those times rightfully. The contract you make with the insurance company, and the premiums paid by you make this arrangement concrete and enforceable.

That said, you cannot rely on a company which is not up to your satisfaction, with regard to “reliability”. If you get encouraging comments from other end-users of that company to this effect, then you can venture to place your trust in them. In that context, Reliance life insurance stands firm, winning the competition by miles apart, compared to other insurance companies. You may wonder how? Let us see the analysis of the subject, with the questions and answers provided by them at their site:

Why Life Insurance?

  • Life insurance as protection: By taking a life insurance policy, you become worry-free with the mental satisfaction that your family gets protected for their financial well-being, even if you are not there. They will be saved from the financial distress, owing to such prior-arrangement. Apart from leading a respectful life, the financial help will enable them to settle liabilities, mortgages, loans or medical expenses, without feeling the pinch of these additional burdens.
  • Customers are advised to make meaningful research, evaluate options, make a self-analysis about the requirement of insurance plans, calculate premiums, read the offer documents carefully, and exercise the final confirmation by opting for the best available policy.
  • Life insurance as an investment – You can make your premium amount grow like a tree, and provide fruits in future and at times of retirement. The smaller amounts bulge after years with profits and come with a life cover where you will get twin benefit of lump sum payment to your family, or steady monthly income. These amounts can be calculated taking into consideration the inflation of money market.
  • Life Insurance for saving tax – The premium amounts you pay annually can get income tax exemption. Thus, they become free money for you when you reap the total sum at the end of the plan period, as well as your regular premium payments.

Widest Insurance Plans offered:

At Reliance life insurance, you get a plethora of different plans of insurance to choose from.

  • Term Life Insurance Plans – Reliance Nippon life term plan, Reliance Nippon online term plan, and Reliance Nippon life online income protect. Each of these plans has different and distinct benefits, such as comprehensive and affordable coverage for financial future, a large life insurance cover at affordable premiums, and assured income for your family in your absence etc.
  • Savings and investment plans – You have a huge variation of plans to choose from, by visiting their site.
  • Retirement Plans – Under this heading, you have life pension builder, life immediate annuity plan, and smart pension plan – each one devised carefully, taking into consideration your financial needs on retired life.
  • Unit Linked Plan (ULIP) – There are three different plans, namely life premier wealth insurance plan, smart savings insurance plan, and life classic plan II – all of them for investing your premiums for growth in capital market funds.
  • Child insurance plans – With Education plan and child plan for saving systematically, this plan is for the financial needs you might encounter when your child grows.
  • Health Plans – Easy Care Fixed Benefit Plan – To protect you and your family, from unexpected financial hurdles that arise with health ailments and accidents. This is a comprehensive health insurance plan that offers a lump sum, irrespective of the hospitalization expenses incurred.
  • Solutions for Group – This comes  with three valuable solutions for employers, to take care of their employees’ welfare. Employer’s liability solutions provide for employees’ group superannuation, group leave encashment, and group gratuity schemes. Employee protection solutions to take care of your employees when they meet with accidents and total disability to work further.  Life group Sarv Samriddhi – a non-linked, non-participating group saving variable insurance plan that increases the saving, with regular interest credits and providing a life cover.

With a good claim settlement ratio of 94.53%, no wonder Reliance life insurance easily catches the eye, among other insurance companies as the front-runner. Rely on Reliance to get benefited immensely, by their superior quality insurance plans.

Whenever you want to reap the benefits of assorted insurance plans of Reliance or wish to buy any of their insurance policies, contact Coverfox portal , where insurance is made simple for you.

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