There was a time even a couple of decades back where in a family, the parents were covered by their own workplace plans and there was no need to pick a joint family health insurance. There were fewer options in the market as well which also made the process less overwhelming. However, families are now faced with multiple options and there are open enrollment periods where they have to decide about how to cover the children as various surcharges are added and if the parents are to be excluded if they have workplace coverage.

In 2015, it was seen that 17% large employers had implemented or increased the surcharge for spousal coverage and half were considering doing it in the subsequent years. 8% employers have eliminated the spousal coverage altogether with other options. It had harder to decide a health insurance for the children because of the large number of plans available today and the costs are also rising significantly. Here are some areas to be looked into while choosing a family health plan.

Monthly Premium

One should first calculate the monthly cost and this includes the coverage provided by the employer. This more or less gives an idea about how much will it cost to cover the rest of the family members. Some generous employees also cover the employee plus their family, and this happens predominantly when one gets a promotion. In that case, even if one wants to opt for their own family health insurance plan, they could go for it as the increased salary helps them pay more towards the premium.

Deductibles and Out of Pocket Maximums

One should try to ascertain whether a high or a low deductible plan is best, depending o the family’s individual needs and requirements. Certain plans might charge a fixed fee while some plans might charge extra for medication. Things are easier to calculate if there are already any healthcare issues at home but one should also have a fund for emergencies, because one simply does not know how many days one could have to spend in the ICU.

Doctor Network

One should choose the health insurance plan depending on the doctors one would see and good doctors often cost extra. However, best medical insurance for family will cover the costs of consultation as well. Parents who are staying out of town for work, or are even separated often have to consider the out of network options and the emergency option. Most family health plans have provisions for when a child is away from home and has an emergency but experts say that it is best now to put the children on two plans.

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It is also a fact that health insurers today do not provide the same sort of coordination and the number of benefits that were available years ago and there was also a time when one could use a secondary insurance to cover for a deductible or co- pay, without having to pay anything out of one’s own pockets. What makes choosing a good family health plan even more difficult is the marketing strategies employed by the various companies and it is important to look through the apparent advantages and check the nuances of the agreement and the process of making the claim before one signs on the dotted line to avoid confusion when the money is needed.

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