Trying to grow your pest control business can be a difficult task. There is competition from around 20,000 other companies across the country and even in your local area you are likely to have a few competitors. Yes, you have regular customers that rely on you if they have a problem, or if they want you to inspect their home for pests; but this is not enough.

As any pest control marketing professional will tell you, it’s important to invest time, effort and money in acquiring new leads for your business. There are several methods that you can use.

Obtaining leads for a pest control business

Obtaining new leads is essential if you want your business to thrive and grow. It’s a good idea to use different methods alongside each other.

  • Acquire leads from a professional source.
  • Interact with potential customers using social media.
  • Encourage current customers to spread the good word about you.
  • Promote sign-up to newsletters and emails on your business website.

Any, or all, of these methods can be used to help you to generate leads for your pest control business. However, acquiring the leads is just the start. You also need to use them wisely.

How to use the leads that you generate

Once you have done all the hard work to capture leads, do not let them fall by the wayside. You need to act straight away in order to optimize their potential.

  • Act on contact straight away. If someone provides their details, and then waits days to hear from you, they are likely to lose interest. You need to show them that you value their interest in your services, by responding to them promptly.
  • Pay attention to your social media presence. It’s great to have a comments and messaging facility so that potential customers can get in touch. However, if you get distracted with other work, and do not respond to or recognize the contact for days, they are likely to have looked elsewhere for help.
  • Do not give up on a lead. Not every lead will respond to messages straight away; they may be busy with other things. This does not mean you cannot message them again, as long as you do not harass them, and you give them the opportunity to opt out of further contact.
  • Use segmented email lists so that you can tailor the content of marketing emails to suit different groups of leads. Doing this means people are more likely to remain interested in your services as they can see that you are paying attention to what they need.

It can take a lot of effort to secure good leads for your pest control business. You need to make sure that you have the right marketing processes in place to gain as many solid leads as possible, and to use them in the right way so that you secure the best possible results.

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