Everyone buys the new things according to their choice and their gadgets or accessories they carry tell about one’s style and nature. So, you also must wants to customize your iPhone like your car or bike in such a way that will scream out itself that you are the owner of that Phone.

Create your own wallpaper and screensaver:

To give them a different looks. You can use any online free apps that offer a large number of different on-screen components like background screens and symbol themes. You can mix and coordinate those items in a large number of blends and save different pictures for your wallpaper and secure display.

Use skin:

There are different variations of multi colored skin or lamination available in the market, that you can use for your iPhone to give them a unique look and this will totally personalize your iPhone. One can choose the skin of iPhone according to their nature or style. So, after that your iPhone will surely speak for your personality.

Personal Ringtones:

One can personalize the ringtones by downloading the ringtones or music according to their taste and can also upload or record your own creation in your iPhone and can set that as a ringtone on your iPhone. No one knows some day any music director sign you for his next project after listening your own melodious ringtone.

Use gold, silver or diamonds to customize personal iPhone:

If your pocket allows you, you can also use gold plated or silver plated back case to customize your iPhone or if really want a different and spectacular look for your iPhone then you should go for diamond craving on your iPhone,that will increase the looks and the cost of your iPhone 100 times more than other same model iPhone.

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