Ride on mower is also known as tractor lawnmower or a ride-on lawnmower. It is a type of lawnmower over which an operator can sit and steer it, unlike the conventional lawnmowers that need towing or pushing for mobility. This type of machine can be extremely useful for mowing a lawn or garden so that a mowing job can be completed within the least possible time. However, care must be taken while operating it as eye and hearing protection and heavy footwear should be worn at the time. 

Three different types of ride on mowers can be available to purchase. They include the rear engine riding mowers, tractors, and zero turning radius (ZTR) lawnmowers. Each of them has distinguished characteristics and can be useful for particular purposes. Hence, it is essential to understand them so that purchasing one can be based on an informed choice. The following section delves into these three types and how they can be useful for mowing a piece of land.  

Rear Engine Riding Mowers

An easy, comfortable, and unwinding ride can be taken on a rear engine riding mower while mowing can also be performed simultaneously. It is the smallest among the entire ride on mowers that are available in the market but offers high-quality mowing so that these are used in many places. The small cutting deck of these mowers can be well-suited for areas with constrained passes and places like fence gates can be effectively mowed by them. They can also be parked within small areas and cost less as compared to other mowers and tractors. 

They offer a power of 190 to 500cc and have a top speed of 5 miles per hour. The cutting width of these machines can be in the range of 26 to 33 inches. However, as can be seen, a downside to this ride on mowers can be the speed at which they move and these are also not made to pull any attachment. If there is a large area to be mowed, this type of lawnmower may not be well-suited for the purpose. 

Lawn And Garden Tractors

Lawn tractors and garden tractors are heavy and robust machines that can handle all types of mowing operations. As an additional piece of information, these vehicles can also assist in operations other than mowing! Many types of heavy attachments can be handled easily by them as they offer powerful engines with considerable strength. In terms of speed, they may not be the fastest in the business, but they can certainly mow a large area with ease and with many types of attachments.  

These types of ride on mowers offer a power of 420 to 747cc with a top speed of about 8 miles per hour. The cutting width of tractors can be 38 to 54 inches. 

Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) Lawn Mowers

This ride on mower is the most advanced among all the available variants. They offer improved maneuverability and high speed so that easy about turns can be taken within a whisker. They are high-performance machines that can help in saving ample time while mowing a piece of land. 

Their steering system is seamless, and operators can feel the comfort of driving these mowers. They offer a cutting width of up to 74 inches and have a top speed of 13 miles per hour. 

These are the three types of ride on mowers that are available for mowing a lawn or garden. Depending upon a type of landscape and application, either of them can be selected so that a mowing job can be completed with enough satisfaction.

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