Popular Is Artificial Grass

More and more people are investing in artificial grass in Colchester. The artificial grass market is rapdily expanding, with homeowners increasingly rejecting traditional lawns. The popularity of artificial grass increased dramatically during lockdown, with more time at home leading more people to set their sights on their gardens and look for ways to keep their outside spaces green and pleasant all year round.

Why Is Artificial Grass So Popular?

There are many reasons why artificial grass is in high demand right now. Not only does it look and feel just like natural grass but it’s also much more durable, which means it’s likely to stay looking its best throughout the year. Unlike real grass which can become muddy and unkempt after periods of bad weather and children and pets playing on it, an artificial lawn will stay looking lush and green at all times.

The durability of artificial grass also means that minimal maintenance is required to keep it in optimal condition. As long as here’s no transfer of dirt or soil onto the artificial grass, it’s pretty much self-cleaning. However, if it needs cleaning, hosing it down with a stiff brush and a light detergent should be adequate. With the right amount of maintenance, you can expect an artificial lawn to last between 15-20 years.

How Big Is The Artificial Turf Industry?

The artificial turf industry growing fast, with high demand seen all over the world. In fact, the global market is expected to reach $7 billion by 2025, which is staggering. One of the reasons for this increased popularity of artificial grass is that it has adopted new technologies to make it more realistic than ever.

One of the tricks that manufacturers use to make artificial grass look like real grass is adding artificial thatch, which basically involves adding brown to an otherwise too-green lawn. Every living lawn has a thin layer of thatch, which is a mix of organic matter like dead and living shoots and stems. Thatch in artificial grass comes in a variety of colours and densities, allowing you to select the right option for your lawn. With artificial grass becoming more realistic than ever and offering property owners a whole host of other benefits, you shouldn’t expect its popularity to decline any time soon. The artificial grass market is only expected to expand over time.

Find An Artificial Grass Installer Near You

Artificial grass can be a fantastic investment for your home, as it can even add value to your property as long as it installed to a high standard. With this in mind, it’s important to hire the services of a reputable company that you can rely on to achieve a first-class finish for your lawn. Make sure you choose artificial grass installers who have plenty of experience at hand and who use the best, most effective methods in the work. They should take the time to fully prepare the ground underneath, achieving a solid base and ensuring there’s sufficient drainage.

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