Moving home

Moving home can be an extremely stressful and complicated process to navigate through at any time of year, but during the winter the unpredictability of the weather and everything that comes with it could make it much more difficult if you don’t properly prepare.

Here is a checklist compiled by some experienced Grays estate agents to help your Winter move go without a hitch.

Prepare Ahead Of Time

Don’t leave everything down to the last few weeks before the move because you can almost guarantee that it will be too much to take on with other commitments such as work and kids etc. Try to do as much as you can in advance such as;

  • Have a thorough clearout because there is little point in taking things that you will only throw out at a later date. Donate what you can, sell items if you want to, and dispose of the rest.
  • Start collecting any packing materials you might need such as boxes, bubble wrap, vacuum bags, etc. Try asking friends and family to put them aside for you or even ask on places like Facebook where people often give them away for free.
  • Begin packing as soon as you can, starting with your least used or needed items and working from there.

Hire Help

It is always advisable to hire a professional removal company that can help take the stress out of moving by doing the heavy lifting for you and ensuring your possessions make it safely to their new home. It’s also a good idea to speak to them about what they do in cases of bad weather and their policy on rescheduling.

Children And Pets

Moving day is not an ideal time to be having children or animals in the home where they can potentially get in the way or get hurt, especially when it is cold. Make sure that you arrange for them to be looked after safely elsewhere for the day so that you can focus all your attention on getting things done.

Moving Day Box

Just like it is always recommended to pack an ‘essentials box’ for moving day, the same goes for moving in the winter. Having access to some useful items will help see you through the day so include things like – a kettle, tea and coffee, warm clothing, coats, gloves, hats and hot water bottles. You may want to also keep shovels, salt or tools handy to help clear pathways if there is ice or snow and extra towels for wiping things down if it rains.


Check, check and check again that the utilities are going to be on and working on moving day so that you don’t arrive to a freezing cold house with no heat!


If it’s wet, muddy or snowy outside then it means that there is a good chance all of that is going to get tracked into the home you are moving out of and the one you are moving in to. Lay down protective tarp, mats, towels, sheets or anything you can to help people wipe their shoes effectively and absorb excess dirt and moisture.

Special Items

Unfortunately, rain, sleet, hail and snow are not uncommon in the UK at winter so if you have any special belongings then you may not want to rely on a cardboard box to keep them safe. It could be well worth looking for waterproof boxes to transport your valuable possessions such as photos, passports, important documents, electricals and sentimental items.

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