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With buyers more attuned than ever before to what makes a good property investment, the trends that you follow before listing your property on the market are just as important as the price you set it at and the estate agents you choose to partner with.

From the type of windows to the flooring material, the size of the kitchen island, and the number of bedrooms, every buyer is looking for their own personal preferences in the search for their “dream home” – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some areas that you can focus on to elevate the value of your property for every buyer out there.

In this article, we’re sharing advice from our estate agents in Collier Row, relating to the top trends you should be focussing on if you want to sell your property in 2023.

Create A Positive Connection Between Your Inside And Outside Spaces

This tip follows two different paths, one relating to the way the property connects with its garden and outside space, and the other concerning the overall kerb appeal of the property.

First up, the flow of movement and style between the inside and outside of the property. We probably don’t have to tell you that inside-outside living is on the rise, with an increasing number of furnishings and decorative accessories designed to compliment both your interior and exterior spaces. If you make design and style choices to boost and harmonise the aesthetic between the inside and outside of the property, it will help to package the whole site as a cohesive living space.

Secondly, to the kerb appeal of the property – and this one is simple. The first impression of your property is perhaps the most important, and as such everything from the front door to the driveway / front garden and cleanliness of the windows is key.

Invest In Smart Home Technology

From smart blinds to automated lighting, speakers, heating systems, and more, technology for the home bridges the gap between what’s necessary and what’s considered a home luxury – to great success! Buyers are likely to be enamoured with little features and integrations which make a property more convenient and accessible – with smart technology a great way of showing them what life in a new home could look like.

Other Home Trends To Consider

Beyond smart technology and the cohesive design and styling of inside and outside living spaces, some other trends to consider if you want to sell your property in 2023 include:

  • Invest in roof repairs before listing your property
  • Consider an open floor plan
  • Add an extra bedroom / an extra en suite
  • Upgrade the hardware and fittings around the sink

When the time comes to list your property, Keystones offers professionalism, hands-on support, and end-to-end guidance from listing through to show rounds and the final stages of completion.

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