Your local glazier might go with a few of these glass products regularly. Some were less frequent and others would not have been used at all.

Here is a list of commonly used glass styles as well as their uses as well as features so you are in now next time you require a glazier.

Float Glass – A basic glass product used in a variety of smaller domestic windows as well as double-glazed windows. This product is known for featuring a lot of flat clear glass which is quite easy to colour in the context of different applications including mitigating glare or heat. Float glass breaks into large shards.

Insulated Or Double Glazing – Two or more glass panels are bonded together using a spacer in between so that a void could be created. And then the void is filled using air or argon gas and sealed to use for insulation, and solar control. It also helps to mitigate internal condensation.

Toughened Glass – Glass is treated using a thermal tempering process which helps to strengthen the glass. The most important thing is that this style is generally used in order to sliding glass doors, large windows, shop fronts and so on. This Glaziers glass gets shattered into small pieces instead of large shards mitigating injury-oriented risks.

Laminated Glass – The next on the list is two or more layers of glass having one or more interlayers of polymeric material. And it is bonded between the glass layers quite sophisticatedly. The most important thing is that laminated glass is quite tricky to break as the interlayer holds it together mitigating the broken glass hazard.

Coated Glass – Coating is applied to float glass while manufacturing to create particular characteristics in the glass eg low maintenance, absorption or reflection or corrosion resistance or solar control.

Security Glass – Special laminates as well as multiple layers of glass are truly used in order to come up with a clear product resisting a physical attack and adding a safeguard regarding your building.

Screen Printed Glass – Clear or tinted glass printed having ceramic ink generally used in the context of privacy screens, splashbacks, windows, doors and art. The most important thing is that screen printed glass can truly help to control sun or light as well as not fade.

Decorative Glass – The most important thing is decorative Glazier’s glass covering an array of options including screen printed, painted, patterned, sandblasted as well as etched glass. These styles are generally used in signage, interior design, mirrors and screening.

Mirrored Glass – It is achieved by applying a metal coating to one side of float glass, the coating can truly be made of silver, chrome or gold. These also include one-way mirror glass having a much thinner coating of metal.


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go with any of this one of your favourite glasses accordingly.

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