The start of a brand new year often inspires us to make significant changes and to organise our lives. One area of the home that always gets messy over the festive period is the pantry. This month is the perfect time to undertake a full-scale declutter and organisation mission that will leave your pantry looking clean and aesthetically pleasing. From rubber mats for the flooring choice, to label makers for easy organisation, we’ve got the best tips to get you started.

Declutter And Organise

A good first place to start is the decluttering of old produce and out-of-date items. Now is the perfect time to pull everything off of the shelves and give your pantry or cupboards a deep clean. This involves washing everything down with warm soapy water and clearing away any spills or stains. Sugar and syrup stains can attract ants and insects when the warmer weather arrives, so it is important to stay on top of this.

Once everything is sparkling clean you’ll want to start checking the best before dates and general condition of your pantry items. Uncovered or poorly closed bags of flour can attract weevils and contaminate your produce. Wipe over the outside of any display jars and dry them fully before deciding where best to display them. Glass jars are kinder to the environment and also look stylish on your shelves, so it is always worth checking your local supermarkets for these types of jars and containers.

Label And Display

You may have seen some of the impressive and stylish pantry displays on Pinterest. Ever since Khloe Kardashian first revealed her boutique storefront-style pantry on an episode of ‘The Kardashians’,  Pinterest users have been going crazy recreating the look.

Investing in a label maker is the perfect option for those whose handwriting is not up to scratch. Whilst for those who prefer the handwritten look, slate tags and white chalk writing can make a homely addition to your finished decor. Ensure that your labels are accurate to what is encased within each jar and that they are easy to read on the go.

Practical Flooring And Easy Cleaning Options

Lastly, it is beneficial to think about low-maintenance cleaning options. Rubber flooring can provide an easy-to-clean solution for any space. This will help to prevent anyone from slipping over and is wipeable for those inevitable spillages.

Keep chopping boards handy on the work surfaces. Not only are these helpful to keep nearby for chopping products in a hurry, they also help to create interest and give a more ‘polished’ finish look.

Natural remedies for cleaning solutions and easy wipe-downs are essential items to store. You’ll certainly be thankful for these when you need to clean up spilled sugar, oils and mess. Keeping cleaning solutions 100% natural will ensure that there is no cross-contamination when handling food.

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