If you want to become a certified MHFA, you must do your research. The last thing you need is to spend months training for nothing. That’s why we’ve put together this list of five things to look out for when choosing the right course for your needs and budget.

Strict Schedule

A good MHFA courses Essex should be scheduled in a way that allows you to attend all the sessions and also complete them before the deadline. For example, if it is a 3-month course, it should be scheduled so that you can complete it in 3 months.

Training Options

The course you choose should offer face-to-face training. This is because it’s possible to learn more when you can see and hear your instructor in person. If your MHFA course only offers online training, then make sure they also provide support through email and phone calls so that you have someone available if any questions arise.

Some courses combine both types of learning methods so that students can choose how much time they want to spend studying each week based on their schedule and preferences.

Certified Syllabus

Most courses offer a certified syllabus, which is the official document that states what you will learn during your course. This can be useful if you want to compare different MHFA courses Essex and find out exactly what they offer. You should also look for courses that have been approved by the Mental Health First Aid Australia Institute, as this means they’ve been recognised as meeting industry standards.

The Course Fee Is Correct

A good MHFA course has a valid course fee. The course fee should be reasonable and inclusive of all charges. It should also be payable promptly and refundable if the candidate fails to complete the course.

Availability Of Study Materials

The course should be available in a digital format, such as an e-book or online video. It should also be possible to purchase hard copies of the course material, which is useful if you want to read it again or look up specific sections in the future. Ideally, there will be some sort of hybrid option where you can access both digital and physical versions of your chosen MHFA course at different times during your studies (e.g., early on when researching options but later on when preparing for an exam).

There are plenty of good courses to choose from. You can find one that suits your schedule, fits your budget and has the right syllabus for you.


With these five points in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the course that fits your needs and interests. If you have any questions about what we’ve covered here or would like additional information about our courses, please comment on our blog.

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