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Deciding What To Do Next

As the specialists in roller shutter garage doors Essex property owners trust, we are often asked if it is a better decision to repair or replace a damaged door. Here is all the information you need to make the right choice for your home or business premises. 

The Extent Of The Damage

One of the first things you should think about is how badly damaged your roller shutter garage door is. Generally speaking, the damage can be broken down into three main degrees of severity: minimal, moderate, and severe. The following is a guideline to what kind of issues can be seen with each: 

  • Minimal Damage: this is often referred to as cosmetic damage, and constitutes scratches and chips to the paintwork, or small cracks in the door. Many property owners would not consider this kind of wear and tear worth buying a new door and often choose to have it repainted or repaired instead. 
  • Moderate damage: this includes issues that interfere with the smooth operation of a garage door as well as its appearance. The door could be warped or bent in places, or there may be a large amount of rusting. Some property owners choose to prolong the life of the door with repairs, while some start over with a brand-new door. 
  • Severe Damage: this is the most serious degree of damage to a garage roller door. It can include severe warping and bending, along with broken springs and tracks. A door that is severely damaged will not open or close properly – posing a risk to your property and making it very unsafe to operate. Most property owners will choose to replace the door. 

Of course, you should always choose what feels right for your property – the above is merely a guide! 

How Old Is The Door?

Another thing to consider is the age of your roller shutter garage door, as this can massively influence whether you repair or replace it. For example, your door may only have minimal damage, but it could be quite an old model. Therefore, these small issues could be the start of a long list of problems that will develop in the coming years – making replacing the door a much better option. We build garage doors that last for many years – so we’ll be able to estimate how long yours has left. 

Does It Fit With Your Style?

Do you want a new look for your home? If so, will your existing garage door fit in with your plans? If your garage door matches your front door and windows, then it makes sense to repair it rather than pay for a new door. However, if you are planning to transform your property anyway, you may be better off with a brand-new door painted in the colour of your choice. Whatever you choose, a well-maintained garage door can add serious kerb appeal to your property.

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