Insulating glazing is popularly known as double glazing and is used in various manners that serve mainly to protect from harsh weather conditions.  The insulation of double panes in general contains insulation materials, and vacuum filled spaces that drastically reduce the heat transformation across the area thus avoid the temperature variations.  It is done around the building to maintain uniformity in the temperature.  This simple and useful technique is also used fulfill various purposes in the construction.  They are used in the construction of windows and roofs,

  • As a spacer
  • In most of the construction works where there is a need for uniform temperature.
  • Needless to say it is used in various constructions whenever there is a need for thermal performance.
  • Since they have heat insulating properties, it is used in the commercial places where heat or level of temperature should be maintained for a longer period.
  • Apart from thermal insulation property it is also used in the construction of sound proof cabins, where sound recording or some other acoustic engineering works are carried out.
  • However, the thickness of double glazing depends upon the individual requirements and needs.  Therefore, the cost also varies accordingly.  The thickness of glass, insulation material, vacuumed area and covering methods are designed based on the requirements.  
  • In some countries and some regions weather conditions vary from one extreme to another extreme.  Therefore double hung and storm window arrangement is used to accommodate the regular change in the seasons.  
  • The multi-layered sandwiched windows air and gas in the modern times has eliminated the need of storm windows that were constructed in the earlier days.  Instead they were replaced by the insulated glazing or double glazed windows effectively.  
  • Apart from minimizing noise it also avoids unnecessary heat transfer since there is less or no condensation of heat.  That means there will no formation of molds, which is one of the greatest risks posed for house owners that keeps on their heels. No molds means there is any maintenance.  Therefore, you can consider double glazed windows are maintenance free windows.  Insert gas filling should be carried out properly to maintain the thermal efficiency.  

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