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Staircases That Give Your Home A New Look

Today, people focus on home décor and interiors more than exterior designs. Everything fits perfectly in home interiors, except the staircases. Enzie spiral staircase is a modular system that is stylish, modernistic and durable. It brings a new look to your home. Spiral staircases not only adds glamor to the home but also has other advantages. Let’s have a look. 

Affordable Price 

Spiral staircases are available at a lower price compared to other standard staircases. It usually costs somewhere between hundred to thousand dollars for a simple design, and premium designs cost a little more. However, a spiral staircase is the best option for those who have a tight budget.

Occupies less Space 

It occupies lesser space than the normal ones. It can be manufactured as per the space available. Place it at the center, or in the corner, and it can make your home look amazing while also saving space. 


 It can be easily installed with the help of the spiral staircase kit at home or can be installed with the help of staircase manufacturers.


Spiral staircases are long-lasting as they are made up of either metal, steel, or glass of A1 quality. Every step you take is assured to be safe by the manufacturer.

As the home décor industry gets better and better, staircase designs are also evolving with it. Customized designs are available, especially for the Enzie spiral staircases to suit the sublime interiors. The Enzie spiral staircase is a result of innovation, quality, and excellence. As said above, Enzie spiral staircases can be customized and come in various series as listed below.

The Classic Series

 This series of design has been awarded the Australian Design Award. It was first installed in 1974. Its clean and sculptured lines have made it a classic that brings a decent look to the interiors. It’s made up of powder coated steel and stainless steel with optional timber overlays made from Australian wood.

Universal Tread Series

It consists of clean, simple lines with a timeless open design. It needs a minimum 120mm of space to set up. The Universal Standard Design is made up of hot galvanized steel, which is low-cost corrosion resistant. This design offers an unparalleled range of options to choose from.

Glass Tread Series

It’s made up of glass and allows to see through one floor to another. It adds more of a modern look to the interiors. Glass Tread Series offers 4 balustrade designs. Furthermore, they can be customized as per space and needs.

Z Tread

 The Z Tread series has been newly added to the table. It can cover any flooring and can act as a partition between 2 rooms. It’s currently available only in the enclosed balustrade.

Enzie spiral staircases are comfortable, safe, and fashionable. To know more about them, check www.spiralstaircase.com.au/.

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