Roller garage doors are easy to use and very convenient. But they can be a real pain when they stop working or something goes out of order. Roller door repairs are a pain in the neck especially when there is trouble in the opening and closing operations or the locking of the door. Waiting for the repairers to come and fix the door is another add-on on in the misery. So, it’s better to know some common roller door repair fixes and tricks which can help you solve your problems.

Here is a list of some common troubleshooting:

  • A Sagging Door:  Old garage doors, especially older wooden models can sag and be difficult to open. If the doors are too saggy, you can square them up with tension rods positioned on the back of the door. The rods are supposed to be placed diagonally from the top to bottom corners and can be tightened to straighten out the door. If the door isn’t already equipped with tension rods, they are easily available at home centers.


  • Frozen Roller Door: Winters can be hard on roller doors. It can stiffen the garage door mechanism. Most of the garage doors have pressure adjustments for both raising and lowering movements of the shutter. So all you have to do is adjust those to make the roller doors start functioning perfectly again. But if your door doesn’t have those adjustment settings or even after changing the adjustments the door still isn’t functioning smoothly, you need to get roller door repairs services.


  • Lock of the Roller Garage door isn’t Functioning: If the lock of the roller door stops functioning, obviously your cars aren’t safe in there. Lack of oiling and lubrication may be the basic problem in this. It won’t harm to lubricate the lock mechanism and try again. If that doesn’t work, try realigning the locking bars by unscrewing the guide bars on the edges of the door and repositioning the the bar and then screwing the guide bars back in place. This works 90% of the times in this case.  


  • The door won’t open or close: There may be more than one reasons for the garage roller door not opening or closing. It may either be sensor obstruction, a problem with the garage door opener or an obstruction in the wheel track. If your roller doors are equipped with sensors at the base of the track, every time your roller doors stop functioning, check for any obstruction in the sensors. If there is nothing obstructing the path of the sensors and nothing is wrong with the opener or the wheel track either, then you need to call for roller door repairs services. Also, try replacing the opener battery. That may solve the issue too. Above all, try closing the garage door manually to look for any wheel track obstructions. There may be dents or bends. If you spot any, it is out of your hands and it’s time to seek for roller door repair services.


  • The Garage Roller Door has an Uneven Movement: If the roller door rises or falls unevenly, then there might be problems with the spring or the track. Try adjusting the spring tension on both the sides and balancing the door. If that doesn’t work, you either need to get the spring replaced or get the track repaired. So, you need to call for roller door repair services right away.


Apart from this, there are a few cases in which domestic tricks won’t work and you’ll need experts to the roller door repairs for you. Below are listed a few cases. If you spot any of those, just pick up the phone and call the experts instead of wasting your time in trying to mend it yourself:

  • There is a crack in a masonry wall which is huge and is growing rapidly.
  • The foundation wall itself appears to have shifted.
  • The wall is starting to buckle.
  • You find patches of black mold on the wall.

Roller door repairs can be confusing and there are people who can mislead you if you are not aware of the basics. Knowing all the above given information, you can make sure no fraudulent services are provided to you by anyone.

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