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How To Keep Your Tiles And Stone Sparkling Clean

Properties require heavy maintenance. Whether it is your home or commercial space, keeping it clean and sparkling is a demanding job. While it is easy to wipe the floors and stones clean now and then, it takes extra effort to retain the original shine and luster. Take a note of the important tips discussed below. 

Tips To Keep Floors, Tiles, and Stones Clean

  • Deep-Clean the Carpets: Most of the dirt on your floors and tiles travels from the carpets. Although carpets add a beautiful touch and act as a barrier to keep the dust out, some particles accumulate over time, which can cause your floors to stain. Find the time to deep clean the carpets
  • Scrubbing the titles: Cleaning your carpet gets the job done, but you’d need to scrub the floors and the titles to get the dirt and grime out. You can make use of the lithofin care kit to keep your tiles in pristine condition. You should get the rough edges and the dirt from the corners. Make sure you do not leave behind any mold. 
  • Pre-heating the Titles: Some stains are difficult to get off, especially in the bathrooms. To get rid of stubborn stains and dirt, you could try preheating the tiles to get the dirt out. Use some warm water and splash it on the areas hard to clean. Let the water stay in for a while and then wipe or scrubb, you’ll find that the dirt comes off easily. Otherwise use the lithofin care kit in the bathrooms to make your job easy. 
  • Sealing: While cleaning can be made easy with the lithofin care kit, try to find ways that help you not worry about cleaning. You can make use of sealants to seal your stone in place. Making use of good sealants offer you a maintenance-free sealing. With such sealants, you won’t have to worry about stains or distortion of the titles. 
  • The right aftercare product: Once your stones or titles are in place, you need to consider the product you use for care. Making use of the wrong product may harm your floors. The lithofin care kit can help you solve such problems. However, remember that all stones are different, you may need to choose an aftercare kit that is made specifically for your floors and the stones you have. 

More Tips to Help You Out

To protect the floors, tiles, and stones, you must find the right advice to get the job done properly. Here are some expert tips to help you out: 

  • Make use of products that do not have chemicals or bleach in them. Such products can harm and decolourise your stones or floors, making them look distasteful. You can make use of the lithofin care kit to get the job done easily. 
  • Before you scrub or wipe, understand the tile or stone you have at your hand. Doing so will help you find the way of cleaning the area without damaging it. 
  •  Always make use of the right tools. Do not simply rely on your lithofin care kit; find the right types of mops and scrubbers. Try to make use of soft cleaners so that you don’t leave marks on the floor. 
  • You can even make use of vinegar solution to get rid of certain small stains. 

With that in mind, you can find the perfect way to clean your floors and stones. Always remember to use the right kind of cleaner to eliminate the possibility of damaging them.

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