crown reduction

As a tree gets larger, it is going to require more maintenance. Therefore crown reductions are so important, as they will help the tree to remain healthy and keep it in good condition. Through the years, problems can arise with branches and trunks as they can develop cracks and cankers. All of this can lead to decay which will weaken the tree and increase the risk of damage to the tree, people, and surrounding buildings. So, the aim of crown reduction is to help reduce the amount of stress that defects cause and helps to ease the stress on attachment points on the tree.

A poor attachment point is the part where a branch unifies with the tree trunk that have bark within it. Trees are commonly known to fail when poor attachment points arise and further damage can arise when bad weather arrives such as storms and wind.

The removal of a large tree or a building located nearby can mean that trees have to adapt to a new level of wind exposure than it is used to and so, if you reduce the crown of a tree that has been recently exposed then this is likely to fare better in the wind.

So, you might be wondering why you would need crown reduction and what benefits it brings. Let’s take a look at why you need crown reduction.

Prevent Major Damage

As we have already touched on, wind and bad weather can cause significant problems with trees and where there are problems, it can cause damage that can impact the tree indefinitely. Therefore, with crown reduction, you will be altering the size of the tree, removing problem branches, and ensuring that the risk of damage is reduced.

Encourage New Growth

A tree can decline for a number of reasons but when you see that a tree is in decline, you don’t have to assume that the tree is going to die. This is where crown reduction can really make a difference because by removing the crown, it will give the tree the chance to recover. Instead of those branches taking food and nutrients from the tree, they will be given to other branches and that can help to encourage growth.

Prevent Torsional Cracks

Older, more mature trees can develop an array of problems that can cause them to fail but one issue that they suffer from is torsional cracks. This is when the branches twist until long lateral cracks form. These cracks then weaken the tree and that can then cause it to fail.

Increase Light

One aspect of crown reduction that makes it popular is that it can increase light. A tree can become a real problem for light and it can prevent other areas of a garden from growing. Therefore, it can help to choose crown reduction as this can improve light and the overall health of the surrounding trees and shrubs.

So, crown reduction brings with it a wealth of benefits but make sure you use always use a reliable company who will ensure that the job is completed correctly.

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