Under normal conditions, you should carry out duct cleaning at least once in a year to keep contaminants such as dust and mould away from your home. Cleaning ducts don’t only enhance the indoor air quality, but it also minimises energy bills. Good air circulation in your home reduces the smell of the pets and also improves the durability of your appliances and furniture.

Getting duct cleaning as soon as possible ensures the health of your family is not compromised. Therefore, don’t wait until you start seeing these issues or until spring, have your air ducts cleaned now. Find out more here.

Getting Professional Duct Cleaning

Having clean ducts offers you a myriad of advantages and avoids a series of problems. So, what are some of the benefits:

System Durability.

Clogged ducts don’t only emit lousy odour, but it also reduces the durability of the HVAC system. The clogged duct breaks down some components.

However, professional duct cleaning eradicates all the build-up and corrosive substances leaving the parts free from any friction or rust.

Lower Energy Costs.

If the HVAC has clogged parts, it is forced to work harder to achieve its mandate of pushing air around the home. If there is resistance in its operation, it uses a lot of energy, and it is less effective.

Getting the ducts cleaned ensures the HVAC system operates optimally and consumes less energy since there is no straining.

Clean Living.

A well-maintained air duct doesn’t only reduce health issues and power consumption, it also provides comfortable living space for the households. For instance, it minimises odour from pets and food.

Thermostat Precision.

A clean HVAC system operates quickly and effectively. This makes the thermostat to give the right temperatures without encountering variance issues.

Thermostat variance is usually a major problem when there is a build-up of dirt or duct that affect sensor area.

What are problems that you may face if you don’t get professional duct cleaning services?

Mould Problems.

Mould is usually a major problem for most homeowners. It causes breathing problems, and it is detrimental to people who suffer serious allergies. Even if you don’t suffer from these allergies, the smell can make you feel uncomfortable and also raises your energy bills.

Dust Everywhere.

Dust can be a significant problem in your home if you don’t do a thorough cleaning of your home, starting from your ducts of course. You know your home has a lot of dust if anywhere you touch some duct is left on your hands. There is also that unmistakable smell you smell when you lift those rags or carpets. Do you understand it?

Another problem is rodents and insect infiltration. These uninvited guests can make a good home in your dirty ducts if you don’t clean them.

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