The first step when planning to replace windows is to determine what kind of replacement windows you are going to use. If you have decided to install hung windows, probably you are asking yourself which option to go for between single and double hung windows replacement Toronto. Check this page for more info. Choosing between these two designs can be daunting especially if this is the first time you are replacing your windows.

Just as two is better than one in all life situations, that also applies when it comes to replacement windows specifically when choosing between single or double hung windows replacement Toronto. While single hung windows are absolutely okay in terms of performance and appeal, the truth is double hung windows are better in many ways.

Double Hung Windows Offer More Ventilation.

Double hung windows replacement Toronto are suitable for areas such as bathrooms where condensation tends to occur mostly. The sashes can open to ventilate the room and limit the growth of mildew and mold. This also controls odour.

Double Hung Windows Offer You A Variety of Options.

A window, just like any other element of our structure deteriorates over time. But double hung windows offer you more durability. In addition, both single and double hung windows are not as costly as you think. Besides, since they are energy efficient, you save a lot on energy bills which gives you peace of mind.

So, what differentiates these two types of windows?

  • Single hung windows- they are popularly used in older homes. Though it consists of two sashes, only one can be opened, and the other remains closed.
  • Double hung windows replacement Toronto-it appears like single hung windows, but the difference is that both sashes can be opened. It offers great ventilation.

Double Hung Replacement Windows Provide Higher Long-Term Value.

While double hung windows replacement beat its counterpart single hung windows in many ways, when it comes to price, the latter carries the day. Single hung replacement windows are usually cheaper than double hung windows. In the long run, you will realise that double hung windows just like vinyl windows Toronto are more beneficial options for home renovations compared to single hung windows.

Though single hung windows appear more attractive to a “common man” in terms of price, they have many drawbacks. For instance, they are difficult to clean, offer less ventilation options and need a little more upkeep.

Double Hung Replacement Windows Are Effortless to Clean.

When it comes to cleaning, a double hung window carries the day. The two sashes can be tilted and cleaned both sides when you are inside of the room. For single hung windows, it is tough to reach the top section. To clean the top, you need to do so from the exterior using a ladder if the window is on the first or second floor.

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