Presence of damp in your house is not only unsightly but it can also make your life difficult with its smell. If ignored for a long time, damp can cause considerable damage to the property. Moreover, it can prove hazardous for the health of occupants as well. Thus it becomes essential that proper measures are taken to get rid of damp.

Before you can consider damp proofing your home, it is essential to be aware of common signs that might signal the presence of damp in some particular areas. Walls stained by damp, discoloured wallpaper, rotting timber and wet brickwork are some signs through which you can spot damp. For the convenience of people portable damp detectors are available in the market these days. Very easy and convenient to use, these devices can help in checking for any signs that might point towards damp in the home. In case you notice any or all of these signs, then it is important to adopt proper damp proofing treatments to avoid the problem from causing any further damage.

One important measure that you can take is to hire specialists for diagnosing and treating damp. It is crucial to check that the professionals you are hiring are certified and have the required qualification to deal with this problem in a safe and proper manner. By carrying out a survey on your property, they will first diagnose the affected areas and the kind of damp that is present in your home. Next they will adopt suitable measures for treating the problem of damp immediately with the help of specialised tools and equipments. A significant part of their job is to find and treat the underlying cause leading to damp. By damp proofing your home they make sure that you do not have to face this problem in future.

To keep the issue of damp at bay you should regularly check the exterior part of your property. Ensure that nothing is obstructing the downward pipes and gutters and restricting the flow of water. Next check the roof of your house. In case there are any broken tiles or leaks, then these should be repaired at the earliest. Water can leak through cracks and cause damp, which can be avoided with timely repair.

Damp can occur due to condensation as well. That is why it is suggested to avoid drying clothes by using radiators. You should maintain constant temperature for heating your home when the temperature outside is cold, in order to keep walls warm. Bathroom and kitchen are common areas where the chances of developing damp are the most. You can install extractor fans in these areas to ensure proper ventilation. Another good option is to invest in a quality portable humidifier. These are designed for extracting any moisture present in the air. By keeping the humidity in your home at an ideal level, they can prove significantly helpful in keeping damp at bay.

Timely detection of damp and adopting tested and effective damp proofing treatments is essential, not only for keeping your property safe but to lead a healthy life, free from any disease that damp can possibly cause.

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