Generally it is referred to as the main drain of your house. The main drain connects the drainage system of your house to the outdoor portion of the municipal sewer system or with the local septic structure.

Most of the home owners don’t have to worry about the sewage system because sometimes they are maintained by the municipality. However, some people have to take care of the sewer system as well.

Most common problem of the sewage system is associated with the capacity and size of the sewer. Sometimes the pipes are not good enough to discharge the amount of water from the showers, sinks kitchen, washrooms and washing machines at the same time. At this point of time, drainage getting clogged or any such problems may crop up.

Locating your sewer clean out

The first step is you have to locate the exact location of blockage for cleaning the sewer. For example, if your house is 20 years old, the sewers will be commonly located in the front of the house, underneath your basement floor. There is also an exit point of the sewer you can find it at the back of your house. It is likely to be present few centimetres below the ground.

Servicing your sewer cleanouts

The best way to prevent problems is to maintain it at regular intervals. Sometimes, you might experience that your toilet seat or sink is repeatedly being backed up. It’s high time that you must call the professional for an inspection.

Usually, the plumbing contractors San Diego recommends it clear once a year or after 18 months, depending upon the sewage system of your house. You ask the plumbers to give you a video inspection about your drainage system. T

They will give you entire videos and pictures of the blockages, intrusions, poor pipes and collapses in your sewage. Accordingly, they will suggest you the best service to avail. These plumbers are trained and well experienced. Most of the plumbing firms give a guarantee of free flow of water for two to three years.

Cleaning the main sewer

Snaking is the most common way to treat the main sewer.  It is the process where a metal pipe is introduced through the pipe line. It clears any blockages in the pipe and allows water to flow very smoothly out of the system.

The best way to clean your main sewer is “high pressure flushing system”. It runs through the inner opening to the outer opening and breaks any blockages, when it comes in its way.

Contacting a plumber

It is best if you get a professional help from a reputed firm. There are number of plumbing firm located in San Diego. It is advised that you must check the plumber when the company is providing your one. You can contact your friends and neighbourhood people for reference.


There are number of problems associated with the sewage system. From cracks to entire disruptions, you never know what may come up. Sometimes even a tree root can get into your sewer system. Do not overlook small matters, because these small cracks are capable of disrupting the entire flooring and pillar system of your house.

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