From the former few years, we are farsighted some incredible vicissitudes in technology while maximum of them we can get in our Smartphones’. A twosome of years nether we have limited names in Smartphone arena, but nowadays we have a large tilt of cutting-edge Smartphone producers coming with numerous flagships each year. The present smartphone gossips are centered on new HTC ONE M10 Smartphone offered by HTC. It probable features are said to make a great revolutions in smartphone sector.

One M series for HTC took place in early 2013 the minute HTC released ONE M7. After HTC One M7, HTC has turned to be a leading name in smartphone industry. This year HTC has introduced two top-quality smartphones named One M9 and One M9 Plus with attractive and stunning design and specifications. But it is rumored that HTC One M10 is going outlying superior than what we have experienced till now.

Some rumored features of HTC One M10 are -:

  • The forthcoming HTC M10 Smartphone is predictable to arisen with a 5.5-inch huge screen this is the large screen phones’ generation. The One M9 has a 1080p display and so it expected that HTC One M10 will come with a minimum of 2K display devising 2650 X 1440 resolutions. But some other sources are coming with the news that this latest edition of HTC is arriving with more expandable screen with 4K display. As the generation and trend of smartphones are mounting, it is obvious to expect a larger screen display from HTC this time.
  • The second buzz is coming with the name of HTC One M10 that it is landing with a 4 GB RAM for a faster running experience. 4 GB RAM is not a joke at all and if it becomes true, then HTC will definitely become a top most smartphone provider.
  • According to some information, HTC ONE M10 will track on Octa-Core processor with 64bit QUALCOMM processor.
  • This edition of HTC is expecting to be a twin SIM Smartphone. If HTC One M10 will come with double SIM spec, then it will become thethreateningentrant for Samsung Flagships releasing in 2016.
  • With latest Android OS, it will be supportive for 2G, 3G, and 4GB networks.
  • This device is most probably going to arrive with dual camera facility. The approaching HTC ONE M10 is equipping with 27 MP Camera containing theadvanced auto focus technology and face detector feature. Again it would encompass a 10 megapixels camera in front for enhancedVR and selfies.
  • HTC M10 is approaching with Octa Core Snapdragon 820 Pro processor having Cortex A53. It is anticipated to run 3 GHz clock rotationsin eachsubsequent.
  • HTC is also functioning on to revolutionizegreat chargeable batteries and most possibly it is arriving with 4000 mAh in-built battery.
  • It is also rumored that HTC One M10 will offer up to 128 GB internal memory. If it is true, then it definitely will be a great feature which distinct HTC M10 from its competitors.

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