If you really want your kids to be particular about their good health and hygiene, then the whole regimen should start at an early age. Primarily, there are four areas on which you have to keep your focus while educating your kids about good hygiene habits-

Washing hands

When it comes to maintaining good health and hygiene, things begin with proper hand washing. Teach your kids by example about how, when and where they should wash their hands. Make them realize that it is imperative to wash hands before each and every meal, after using toilet, and after getting in touch with an ill person or after visiting a hospital or any clinic.

Brushing teeth

Oral hygiene is always considered to be the most crucial part of health. Include brushing of teeth as a regular activity in the morning and night routine of your kids. You might have to struggle hard while doing the same, but you have to be positive without getting disheartened. The more they get into this practice, the better oral health they will have.  

Bathing regularly

Make your kids realise the significance of regular bathing. Bathing plays a great role in maintaining better health of skin, removing the germs, and making them feel afresh at the start of the day. Educate them by example that bathing everyday at the right time is highly critical for overall health and hygiene. Making bathing a fun-filled activity by providing them with colourful soaps and different types of bathing toys is also a great idea.

Inculcate in them basic understanding of how germs spread

Apart from educating your kids about good health and hygiene, it is also necessary to make them understand well about how different types of germs spread and how to check them from spreading.  


Overall cleanliness is also a prerequisite of good health and hygiene in any home. You should never neglect it in any way because all your efforts made on brushing, bathing and washing will go in vain if the germs are flourishing in your sofa and other parts of the home.

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