Human needs and wants are almost intertwined and increase manifold with every passing day. One of the commonest needs of people is the requirement for a comfortable and spacious home to live in. Thus, with an increase in a family member or for another purpose, we tend to discard our present home while looking forward to shifting to a new one.

But lucky are those who have an unused cellar in the house and they can convert that place for various purpose but first, they have to make sure to maintain that unused, often dark, damp and unfinished space into useful one by hiring professional  cellar tanking London, thereafter decorate the space to use it for the multifarious purpose. In this article, some of the alternatives use for unused cellar will be discussed to enlighten you on sterling ideas that you have been oblivious of until now.

Office at home

If you can turn your spare basement into a home office, then why at all look for a rented workplace. Considering it is in a shabby condition, a thorough cleaning is sufficient to wipe away dust and debris. With adequate electrical power and light, you can carry out all your professional works in peace and away from homely commotions.

Storage facility

Almost every other family encounters the issue of storage crunch. If your house has a cellar, then it must not be looked down upon as a useless subterranean cell. Rather, you can smartly alter this cellar into a brilliant storage space. By placing shelves and cupboards, you are sure to improve the functionality of the basement and further enhance its overall look.


This option may sound too fancy but is very much attainable. The gymnasium at own home is a dream come true for any fitness enthusiast. One can easily turn the spare basement at his house into a gymnasium filled with exercising machines like bench presses, cycling and rowing. Summoning the cellar tanking London is imperative for making walls watertight. You can also go a notch higher for extravagant renovations.

Space for workshop

If you are truly committed to your hobbies like painting or photography, then there is no better idea than changing the unused cellar into a workshop. Instruments and materials associated with the concerned co-curriculum activities can be easily stored in a spacious basement. Furthermore, conducting brainstorming sessions with peers and people with similar tastes becomes feasible in this new workshop.

Entertainment room

Only movie buffs will understand the tremendous utility of having a separate entertainment room in the cellar. You have to make sure there are enough sockets to support gadgets and internet connectivity. Not only will this idea allow you to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment, but will also avert fights over TV remote control in the main living room.

It is hoped that alternative uses tips shared above have been helpful for you. Pick the cellar idea you like the most and chalk out a renovation plan today itself.

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