Lights are essential not only for brightening up a room but also for the utility and decoration. They also have the power to change the overall look and feel of a room. However, if you are talking about making an impact, nothing can beat the in-floor lights. Recessed ground lighting can transform even the most mundane place into something intriguing. They can produce not only dramatic brilliance but also create focal points by casting lights on architectural features, wall fixtures, etc.
In-ground lights are the ideal option for those who want a relaxing and dreamy ambiance in their home. If you install them in a row at the bottom part of the kitchen cabinets, the illumination will bring a certain refinement to the entire place. Besides, such an installation will give the whole kitchen a great contemporary feeling.Combine with flat or raised panel wainscoting design you can also opt for LED strip lights underneath the cabinets and island. They will draw attention to the fantastic design feature as well as to the fancy flooring. Plus, they will cast a soft glow over the path along the floor when you duck in for a snack in the middle of the night, so you don’t need to switch on the bright overheads.

Instead of flooding a place with large ceiling fixtures, you can choose the more sophisticated option of a combination of recessed ceiling and floor lights. Such minimal lighting can easily bring out the real charm of modern living and family rooms.

Lots of home owners make the mistake of using too many in-ground fixtures, which merely makes the place look like a runway. Be frugal and space out the ground lights sensibly. Up lights can create the effect of wall washers that looks trendy and modernist. Besides, they are the best option if you want to highlight wainscoting decorations or natural stone installation on a particular wall.

Spotlights installed into the floor can create a walkway or underline a particular feature. And, they can also create a relaxing, spa-like luxury ambient if you sink them into the floor around your gorgeous bathtub. If you have a simple tub in an elegant bathroom, the use of in-floor lights around it will give it an aesthetic face lift and create a beautiful glow for night-time soaks.

Another great use of floor lights can be the entryway and pathways. Uplights installed along a single or all the walls will complement the ambient lighting and generate a flat overall illumination. Besides, they are the best props for decorating a minimalist entryway. If you want a textured wall to be the focal point of that place, let them wash it with soft glowing streaks. It will uplift the wall as an artistic framework and encourages traffic in that area.

Smart placement of floor lighting in the outside deck adds an extra special touch and ensures that there’s no tripping up in the dark. Installing them at the ground level will gently wash the lower part of the wall and look somewhat futuristic. If you opt for linear fittings of LED uplights, you can create a wonderful effect with a soft, uninterrupted glow. Such fixtures in a kitchen will wash under the work surfaces, and you can choose anything from simple LED tape to more robust pot lights, depending on the type of ambiance you want to create.

Whether used indoor or outdoor, floor lighting itself can create a significant visual impact in a place. They can throw such a beautiful illumination that they can be the showstoppers of any space decorated in a modern style. Besides, they can effectively highlight a specific fixture and easily bring out the beauty of even a simple, minimalistic place. The fabulous ideas mentioned above will inspire anyone to try these beautiful lights into their home. In-floor lighting oozes aesthetic and creates very pleasing effects if done with class and creativity.

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