smile makeover

There are a number of reasons why people to choose to improve their teeth and having an upcoming special occasion, celebration or event can finally give them the push they need to get the smile they’ve always wanted.

A smile makeover involves a tailored cosmetic treatment plan that utilises one or more different procedures to resolve, correct and cover dental imperfections and create a beautiful, straight, white smile that you will love to show off.

  • Getting Married

Your wedding day is considered to be one of the most important and memorable days of your life and every bride and groom deserves to feel and look their best when they get married. With a whole day of smiling, talking to guests and posing for photos, feeling self-conscious about your teeth or trying to hide your smile is the last thing you should be doing. This is why a lot of people opt for a smile make over in preparation for their big day.

Whether you have one or more missing teeth, misalignment that needs correcting, chips, cracks or discolouration and staining, your wedding smile makeover can be tailored to perfect your smile in time for your special day.

  • A Big Birthday

Being unhappy with your teeth is something that can affect people of all ages, whether you’re going to be turning 21, 40, 60 or everything in-between. Having an upcoming big birthday and all the celebrations that go with it can often provide the encouragement that patients need to do something about their smile to correct the irregularities and imperfections that bother them so much.

Consider it the best early birthday present you’ll ever buy yourself which will have you smiling with joy when the day arrives!

  • Graduation

Graduating from high school, sixth form, college or university is a huge deal for young people as they move on from one phase of their life and begin a new adventure, whether that’s the next stage of education or starting their first job.

Your smile is something that people almost always notice first and if you are shy or self-conscious about the way your teeth look then this can have a huge impact on the way you hold yourself and how others perceive you.

A smile makeover can be a worthwhile investment in your future as a straight, white, healthy-looking smile can go a long way in helping to make a good first impression and give you the confidence you need to tackle anything.

  • Anniversary

An upcoming special anniversary is something that deserves to be celebrated and whether you are planning a big party to celebrate or a romantic trip away, giving your smile a boost can be just what you need.

From restorative implants and teeth whitening to Invisalign, a smile makeover is customised to treat, cover and correct any issues that concern you and create a beautiful smile that will make celebrating your anniversary even more enjoyable.

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