Belonging to the class of sympathomimetics, the Clen is a stimulant which interacts with adrenoreceptors in the human nervous system to initiate lipolysis causing excessive body fat to burn out. It is considered as a significant weight loss supplement producing results within a negligible time period. Moreover, this drug is known to have a long half-life as a result of which it stays in the body for long. The gradual decrease in its effect on the body beta receptors cause its effect to reduce slowly. So the best way to take it is through the pyramid approach to get more effective results. Body builders highly prefer this drug before participating in competition as the effect of this drug in burning fat and protein is quicker than most of its available alternatives. However, this drug should be used with extreme caution as improper dosage levels can lead to serious health complications. Gather sufficient knowledge about the compound before deciding to take the benefits from its use.

Recommended dosage level

For treating patients who are suffering from any respiratory ailments or asthma, the general dose ranges from 20mcg to 40mcg daily. However, while using this supplement as a fat loss agent the dosage level should be titrated up to 160mcg per day to obtain effective results. For females the range should be restricted to 80mcg or 100mcg daily or titrated as per the need. Irrespective of the gender, the dosage level should be slowly increased to the maximum level to get better results. This also depends upon the sensitivity of the user to the drug and his/her capability to titrate up the dose quickly. Lowering the dosage level during the later stages of the cycle is not necessary though many prefer to do so. The recommended dosage level goes best with a proper diet and exercise routine. It is not required to spread the dosage intake throughout the day as it might leads to complications relating to sleep disturbances or insomnia.

Legal implications

The Clen is known to work best with a proper diet though many take this drug with the hope of getting miraculous results by substituting it for exercise and diet. Not being a legal drug in the US finding it for sale in the market is quite a difficult task. Only some underground laboratories produce it for oral dosing or injectable purpose. While most of the labs produce it for research-related activities and it is difficult to know the actual concentration level of these products. So it is safer to procure this supplement from the online market which provides a clear declaration of the concentration level and the instructions relating to its use. However, you should be aware of the legal complications relating to its use in the US and other countries where there is a ban for this supplement. Research well before relying upon a particular buyer and ensure that it is authorized to sell such product in the open market for consumption purpose by human beings.

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