There are many health conditions that you can relate to but you hardly do anything about them. Similarly, just because you have never been into a condition it does to mean you won’t be in that situation in future too. There are various types of conditions that can cause issues during digestion.  Digestion, it is a word everybody can relate with right?

Remember chronic pain and ache in the belly is a warning sign that something is not right. Nagging signs like gas, bloating and diarrhoea are others. These are all important reasons that you visit a gastroenterologist soon. These are the specialists who are trained to treat situations that affect the organs of digestive tract encompassing the stomach, oesophagus, colon, pancreas and even liver.    If you encounter any signs related to digestion issues; it is time that you talk to the Best gastroenterologist in Mumbai. These professionals would get you an instant relief and can save you from getting into any severe health issues.

Do you have a heart burn? Well, it is a pain or burning in your chest or throat. It takes place when acid from your stomach backs up into oesophagus. It is the tube that links up the mouth to stomach. Various people get heartburn every now and then. It generally goes away on its own or with over-the-counter medicines. But, if there are hints or symptoms that take place more than twice a week might be a symbol of a graver problem like gastroesophageal reflux disease.

It develops when acid from your stomach annoys the lining of oesophagus. GERD is quite common among people who do smoking or are overweight. Pregnant women are also apt to develop such a condition. Medication is easily available to treat GERD. However the severe or really intense cases might need surgery. Untreated GERD can lead to more grave problems like chronic inflammation in oesophagus and breathing issues. If you get a hint anytime, you need to meet a doctor right away.

Have you ever heard about gallstones? Well these are small, hard pieces that produce in the gallbladder, a tiny organ in your belly. A gallstone can be as small as an ounce of sand or as huge as a golf ball. There are people who have one large stone. Similarly there are also people who develop manifold stones of diverse sizes.  Sudden pain on right side of your abdomen might be a gallstone. Ache from gallstones passes once this move. Gallstones come into existence because of imbalances in substances that generate bile. It is the digestive liquid prepared by the liver. The reason of such types of imbalances is not known.

Pregnant women and obesepeople are more probable than other people to have gallstones. Having such stones also gets more common with age. Anybody who has had one gallstone is in danger for another. Various folks who develop gallstones have surgery to eradicate their gallbladder. In a few cases, right medications can also remove the stones.


Thus, talk to a good gastroenterologist today before it gets too late!

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