“A picture is worth a thousand words” the popular adage goes. This couldn’t be clearer than in the property market. In property marketing, you need pictures that conjure images of quality. You need the pictures to represent your brand in good light. Importantly, you need the images to assist you in marketing your property. This is to mean that the images you use should draw the attention of potential customers, make a connection with them, and ideally help you make sales.

It is our belief that high-quality, well taken, property photos make a huge difference when it comes to marketing your property. In fact, statistics from property portals indicate this assertion is true. And while taking sharp and clear images is pretty straightforward, marketers should also consider giving their photos finishing touches to set their properties apart from their competitors.

Why Editing Your Property Marketing Images Is A Good Idea

With the advent of social media channels such as Instagram, people are constantly exposed to high-quality images of even the mundane items in their life such as breakfast. With this in mind, you should make a point of having far better quality pictures in your marketing efforts as compared to what people are used to in their social media platforms. It makes more sense to put in more effort in your marketing effort than your audience puts in sharing their meals. Importantly, you can be sure that a potential purchaser will pay more attention to aesthetically pleasing images. Therefore, take some time to properly edit your images as it will pay off in better performance.

According to The Guardian, in today’s property market, the vast majority of buyers are using the internet to search for properties, especially serviced apartments in Reading. Social media and website listings have become the first stop for buyers before they contact a real estate agent and or physically go to view potential properties. Such as a purchase experience is easier and quicker for buyers. However, this process eliminates or negates the ability of real estate agents to ‘sell’ their products and thereby encourage viewing of their properties. With this in mind, having images online that have been properly edited will naturally draw in buyers and lead viewing and ultimately lead to a sale.

The Benefits

As you can appreciate, there are numerous benefits of edits your property marketing images properly. As important as proper editing may be, it does not take a photo editing genius to yield high-quality property marketing photos. There are numerous tips that any photo editor can adhere to that will surely increase the quality of your photos. Chief among these tips, you need to have a keen eye on details. While having a car lurking outside the property or clothing items randomly lying on a surface may seem as an insignificant issue to consider, for many prospective buyers, this is sore to their eyes and in many regards a warning sign.

When it comes to photo editing, you should opt for professional editors, who are experienced and have a track record of producing high-quality property photos. As part of standard photo editing service, each image in the series should be edited using popular editing techniques to be its very best version. The editing task should entail brightening any dark spots, straightening the photos, improving contrast, removing any scratches and dust, incorporating blue skies, and removing shadows and highlights.

Understandably, many real estate agents have their own in-house editing style that helps represent their brands in a uniform manner and distinguish their property photos from their competitor. This is a consideration that we always have in mind and, therefore, we work with individual agents to ensure consistency in their photos styles.

In the property market, the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ does not apply. Considering that products are judged by aesthetics, the cover is the main means that buyers judge a property. As such, for any property photos to be effective in their function, they should be properly edited. This makes marketing a property far easier and more effective, which in turn assist agents to make swift sales of properties they have in their listing.

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